Saturday, December 10, 2011

Balenciaga Spring 2011

Balenciaga Spring 2011 is kicking off their texture Series! In the beginning of Spring 2011 we begged for your ideas about the Balenciaga Spring 2011. As you know that Balenciaga motorcycle bag has been always famous. And the Balenciaga Spring 2011 has something different from the signature Balenciaga bag.

With the Balenciaga motorcycle bag garnering the most votes, Balenciaga Spring 2011 ended up being the ones to give away to win a the hearts of Balenciaga fans.

This collection is completely wearable. And most of them feature the texture feel. It has a bright pop of color and add dimensionality.

Not only was I able to include the ideas of you on this collection, but also I have teamed up with friends to giveaway the Balenciaga Spring 2011.
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