Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent's Charms Series

Yves Saint Laurent is both avant-garde and classical and is good at adjusting defects in the human body. It often combine arts, cultures and other diversity factors into the designs of the garment and draws sharp and rich inspiration from the beginning to the end. Saint Laurent's flagship products are haute couture whose targets are the world's richest people. They are made of luxury materials and crafted in a detail-minded process with the expensive prices that are unacceptable to ordinary people. Let's take a look at YSL new luxury handbags!

YSL Charms bags

YSL handbag series have always been making fans hard to put it down. Every time the new series can bcome the top fifth in the of wish list. Charms collection is elegant and once again becomes one of our favorites. The series selects batik calf to show a strong texture effect and hide subtleties under the surface of the leather. And the texture of the words with the ornaments YSL ropes graphics are embossed on the surface of leather, which satisfies the people's voyeuristic mentality, but also give the series a vaguely mysterious flavor.

The whole Charms collection as a whole cover a wide range. Shoulder bags and small cosmetic bags, handbags, as well as practical totes are readily available. There are a low-key taupe and bright pink and orange for you to choose. It is absolutely a must-buy item.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Louis Vuitton Handbags Are the Best Sellers in the Second Hand

The second-hand stores display goods include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chaneland other international big-name bags, watches and so on. Most of them are nearly new and the prices are 40% lower than the franchise counters while as for some new luxuries, the prices are 20% -30% lower than the franchise counters.

louis vuitton second hand shop

If the business is good, they can sell 56 products a week. The one who is in charge of the store said that the second handbag in the past that cost millions arouse no interest. The Spring Festival is approaching, the number of those who patronize also increases recently. Yesterday, a used Louis Vuitton bag was traded that cost 12,000 yuan, while in the counter it costs 1.7 million.

It is understood that price of goods priced between the 3000-6000 yuan are the best sellers. Those who buy second-hand luxury goods are mostly women. Among so large a variety of luxury items, Louis Vuitton handbags are thr to the best sellers.

Second-hand luxury goods stores are mostly consignment of goods. The original owners consign their idle bags, leather goods, etc. The shop collect goods from the owner and provide an invoice and the original packaging, as well as professionals to identify the authenticity of the goods in order to make a disicion about the price. After the goods been sold out, the owner of the shops will charged the original owner 10% -15% of the transaction price as commission.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Always Spring: Valentino Bags Collection

Maybe you don't prefer the former series that Valentino offered, but this new collection you just can not ignore if you like spring so much. Roses and bows are the main factors of this winter that makes one wonder if the spring has not yet gone. Maybe in our hearts there is a bright spring forever. For the good wishes of our childhood, this winter will not be cold.

Valentino bag

The first series to bring you a feeling of forever spring is Valentino florals handbags called "petals". As the name suggests, it is made of Napa leather roses that occupy the entire bag and it is very eye-catching. Layer after layer of lay out reflect the perfect details. Maroon has a sense of nostalgia that makes people think that the love of last century still continues. The middle zipper is through the whole bag while the double handles can be adjustable. It can be hanged in the waist and the design is classic.

Valentino bag 2

The second series that deserves mentioning is Valentino Rose Handbag. This is a rose handbag, all-inclusive with taffeta flowers made of roses. It is a romantic and noble combination. The natural transition is just all right. The handle is made of patent leather which has a zipper pocket. The whole bag is gorgeous and refined and has one kind of decadent beauty as well.

The last series I would like to share with you is Valentino "FLEVR "series. The handbags of this series are made from beige suede rose flowers, delicate and elegant in one.

Are you itch now? You can have buy one for yourself as it is Valentino's masterpiece of this winter.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Odeon GM

Louis Vuitton Monogram Odeon GM is the few successful LV new design combining both classic and modern. This could perhaps make of a great grab-and-go purse as this bag guarantees versatility for all seasons use and for whatever outfit you wish to wear.

This holds the classic signature design which makes it timeless, and is in a modern and feminine shape to make it somewhat trendy for today’s use and beyond. This lv bag is very roomy at 14.5 x 13.8 x 2.2 inches which then makes it an ideal bag for those who are always on the go. It has flat and phone pockets on the inside and another flat pocket on the outside to add to its practicality, plus, it can be carried over in three ways, making this a very versatile carryall. It can be handheld through the use of the handles on top, or across the body or on the shoulders through the adjustable shoulder strap.

This bag is designed with natural cowhide trim and with shiny brass hardware, making it exude a more luxurious look. This may be a bit of a casual bag, but its overall design is very elegant in style that it would perhaps be the only bag you’d want to bring along on a daily use.

A modern, timeless and sumptuous Louis Vuitton Monogram Odeon GM deserves an equally luxurious amount of $1,100. It may really be a hefty amount, but it will surely make of a worthy investment. The same replica Louis Vuitton bag is available on Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall at a more cheaper price.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Women Deserve Having Chanel, Prada and...

All women want to have the unique bags in the world but due to the prblem which brand they like is based on their favors and their own personal hobbies.

Recently I learnt from a survey dealing with what kinds of bags do women like most. Here I have got a list about them.

Coach bag

The first one is Coach Baby Blue Candy Bag. Tod 's Baby Blue Candy Bag has a unique shape and it is very practical. The innovative design became popular in the summer. It has a very lovely name, that is Candy bag ~ because both sides of the bags are tied with the beautiful Leather Strap bow, which got the lovely name.

The second one is Louis Vuitton spring and summer 05 powder blue bag. The pretty powder blue color gives you the feeling of the new spring. It seemed that even yourself has a new look! The light color and no exaggeration, it creates a feeling of elegance born in well-known families with ease.

The third one is Prada 2005 new fun fun-shape brooch shopping bag. Many well-known artists and business people like Prada's simple and low-key yet practical advantage. You must have the basic models. It is suitable for you on a variety of occasions!

The fourth one is Chanel pink color horizontal Combon Handbag which is so popular among the Asian people. It is voted one of the most ten popular brands with its fresh and simple design.

Those followed are Fendi 2005 Chili - Gold canvas Evening bag, Coach pretty pink small handbag, Balenciaga Motorcycle bag and Gucci Turkey Blue fashion handbag and Gucci pink 3 D Ring Tote.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Second Generation of Prada Phone

LG joined hands with the fashion brand Prada thus introduced Prada KE850. By virtue of the appearance of luxury and the simple beauty, it has won the hearts of a lot of fashionable people of all ages, but also to leave a deep impression to many consumers. Under the background that KE850 has a good sales record, LG have quickly introduced the second generation Prada phone, that is KF900. It has also won an ideal popularity after its listing. Now, KF900 abandoned the Prada luxury with the quote price of only 2020 yuan. I should say it is of low-price temptation!

prada phone

As for its appearance, KF900 uses the combination of black with silver. The front polished black panel looks a bit crystal clear and has a sense of fashion. When you pull the fuselage, you can see QWERTY keyboard which use of silver as its buttom and the botton is also silver. Moreover, there is enough space between keys and they will not pack together. As for the screen, the aircraft use the 240 × 400 display, 3.0-inch viewing area. It should be said that this resolution and size mix are very appropriate.

As the upgraded version of KE850, KF900 is more stylish, functional and more playful whether in appearance or functionality to the users. I believe that the opportunities are the pursuit of fashion choices of many good friends.

If you are a fan of Prada. then you might also buy this brand-new stylish product.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Core Value of Louis Vuitton

I just felt it hard for me to control my excitement when I received the press release on the recently Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign. The same as the previous campaigns is they all invited outstanding personalities here, such as Sean Connery, Michail Gorbachev and Keith Richards. I even have this kind of thought that the latest campaign could not have chosen any Core Values icons even much better than the previous one.

louis vuitton

There is none photographer whose work I have paid so much attention to it. Now I study Annie Leibowitz’s beautiful portraits, it is for Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. Therefore, when I knew that she featured in the latest Core Values campaign, I was so delighted. The portrait is done in a cheerful moment between the two seen in Annie’s NYC studio. The point is that there is a subtle lighting factor as for the scene.

Chop chop!!! Let me show you the press release now. As the entrance of Louis Vuitton’s Core Values advertising campaign in 2010, the remarkable portrait by Annie Leibovitz have done so much to its success in a way that she turns her lens upon herself in alongside with her intimate friend. She is Mikhail Baryshnikov, both the famous choreographer and dancer.

It does never appear that Never has an Annie Leibovitz self-portrait under the background of an advertising campaign while the story is so alluring just as the image itself. In the process of their three-year collaboration on the Core Values campaign, Louis Vuitton and Annie Leibovitz have established a relationship based on mutual trusts and respects. LV is so eager to giving a hand to those in need in a positive way.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Louis Vuitton Leads You To the Spring of 2010

If winter comes can spring be far behind? In the fashion world which is always ahead, is already in the spring. Let us look at the early spring 2010 with the hottest holiday collections.

louis vuitton spring 2010 bag

Design of the luxury brands of handbags are increasingly respected pragmatism. Louis Vuitton French Monogram Bulles vacation with girls who go to Riviera with Shoulder Bag. This navy blue or beige bubble Nylon Bag is very easy to clean. Decorated by Brand iconic Monogram printed decoration, it has a total of three dimensions. It is exquisite as well as practical.

There are a lot of lovely accessories of Chanel Venice collection which people want to take as their own. A lace Stripe Toe boots is cute and eye-catching. Red and white, or blue and white stripes can become the focus of the entire body. Red is the classic color of Chanel members; string-like flowers are representative of antique-like accessories, The large and refined metals and jewelry flash in the sunlight. In the parties and nightclub, it will be very eye-catching. Most of the fashion magazines will have or have had other similar articles just as "the 25 French secrets of dressed as a woman". This season's holiday series of Louis Vuitton fashion delivers this lesson to fans, and this Marc Jacobs "French girl" image may be more playful, and uninhibited women in Paris than conventional.

The symbolic French navy stripes and holiday series meet the dual requirements. Navy blue color is typical while the style of bold designer has also added a dot pattern and decorative rope bundle. You can take the early spring of 2010 Louis Vuitton series as a very contradictory holiday season, both ice-sexy, elegant luxury, full of the vitality of the French girl.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag

Louis Vuitton is proud of its iconic monogram and absolutely obsessive with it. They tireless the launch new collection in various shape and with the same monogram patterns. I don’t know if that’s so called inheritance of classic but it is certainly a surest way to generate aesthetic fatigue. But this Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag is a exception. When I first sight at it, I was attracted by its elegancy.

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag

With size of 18.1″ x 15.7″ x 6.7″, Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag has enough space for daily use and traveling. It features silvery brass pieces and double zipper closure. The top handle is rounded and made of leather which is comfortable to use and stylish. There are one zipped lining pocket and a cell phone pocket inside the LV bag offering extra convenience for travelers especially for gentles.

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag

Crafted with Naxos Leather, There are two colors for choosing in this handbag collection-Taupe and White. I will choose the white one without any hesitance because it’s the perfect match for the name “Naxos” which comes from the famous Greek island. Greece is a place full of mystery and imagination. Islands studs in the deep-blue Aegean Sea as pearls for ancient goddesses. We have Santorini which presents light blue and White is the color of Naxos Island. Along million years, its peace and purity never fades.

In this turbulent world, everybody is too tired and busy to recognize himself. We tend to follow the temptation of superficial sensory stimuli advocating by giant companies and elated celebrities. That’s why dazzling new bag brands are flooding in the market and disappearing as swift as their emerging. But something is totally different in the White Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag. Vanity went away and left nothing but elegancy and sedateness which touches our heart.

Carrying a white Louis Vuitton handbags and wandering on the white beach of Naxos Island, maybe we can retrieve our lost innocence and find ourselves.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rock Kelly Osbourne with Rock Marc Jacobs

Ozzy family is strange enough, in addition to the head of the family Ozzy Osbourne, the Osborne, his wife, daughter, son are often seen on the front-page news. Apart from Kelly Osbourne addicted to drugs, his son Jack Osbourne has also spent also almost a year in the drug treatment center. It is just like the drugs exist in the blood of Osbourne family. Following her father Ozzy Osbourne and brother Jack, the older sister Kelly Osbourne has also entered a drug rehabilitation center.

Although you might be afraid of the entire drug addicted family, I still support the family. I am even a fan of this family. I began to like this family from the time when I happened to watch Osbourne’s family on MTV years ago. Yes, we all feel that they are very weird and there must be something wrong with them. I am not exaggerating and I am just telling the truth.

kelly osbourne is super rocker chic with marc jacobs

This time, we spot that Kelly Osbourne is holding a Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag. She often give us a chic impression with her rock style and the chic yet rock handbags. You know that Kelly Osbourne is the rebellious daughter of the heavy metal music industry veteran. In 2002, Kelly was officially brought into the song circle by her singer father, with "Papa Don't Preach" in July 2002 to enter the British Top 10 hits and the radio-on-demand of the United States. It was lucky enough to see Kelly Osbourne is on the last season of Dancing with the stars. She was so wonderful! Now I just have a wish in my heart. It would be good if I had had the chance to be a contestant. I must be very happy since I can keep close contact with Kelly Osbourne.

Juat take a look at her, at her side there is one friend walk along with her. I have ever wrote about this Fluorescent Tweed Bag in the blog Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag. It is brand-new. Here, Kelly Osbourne looks nothing special just like what she often looks. Maybe if the owner of the bag is a tender lady, it might looks feminine. If the bag is for a lovely girl, it might looks lovely and cute. But I think the Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag is rather chic and rock on the body of the rock Kelly Osbourne.