Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Does Hermes Develop Its BusinessHow Does Hermes Develop Its Business

Despite the current weak global economic conditions, but the par Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas, said sales of the brand's handbags are in a "huge over-demand " status. To keep up with market demand, they have begun to operate in Australia, crocodile breeding farm.

Patrick Thomas, said annual production of 3,000 crocodile skin handbags, the Hermes is a much more difficult. 3-4 can do a crocodile handbag, customers sometimes wait years before they buy a crocodile skin, light skin so that a cost of up to 48,410 dollars.

Hermes leather products accounted for forty percent of business in the current recession is the most robust operating conditions, the company added 50-100 were leather workers this year, the French factory has always had more than 2,000 workers.

Patrick Thomas, said the group has been promoting other areas of business, such as clothing and textiles, so it is not dependent on the bag, but it still is its fastest growing product line. He said: "We can not face excessive demand for large-scale handbag. we have to take a limited ability to develop new master craftsman."

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Louis Vuitton Suhali Leather L Ingenieux

When I noticed Louis Vuitton Suhali leatherette L Ingenieux within the instead significant time, I believed of Louis Vuitton Monogram Watercolor Speedy body tote provided that they have instead comparable shape. The very best closure is much just like a aspect of the body which could be really compact and reliable.

The internal of Louis Vuitton Suhali leatherette L Ingenieux is completely lined with micro Monogram satin. there is obviously only one internal budget to sustain your budget or cellphone. Holding the dimension of 12.6″x 7.9″ x 5.9″, the tote can support numerous your respective daily essentials.

Four rectangular studs with Louis Vuitton initials all through the bottom within the tote can stop your tote from minor scrapes.

you could sustain the tote in hands easily while using rounded buff double handles. The tote capabilities tinted trimmings with discreet contrasting topstitching, which exudes potent feminine charm.

Aren’t you delighted with Louis Vuitton Suhali buff L Ingenieux? If not, we now feature an extremely large amount of content material articles about Louis Vuitton handbags, i am picked you could uncover your aspiration item within the end. quite possibly you could just like a informal however stylish louis vuitton cabas raye gm.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nico Assatly: Silver Bells

Nico Assatly: Silver Bells

Ilike the Louis Vuitton and Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Items

To own one Louis Vuitton handbag, even just a wallet, is a goal of many female fashion pilgrims. When lovely mushroom girl walks on the wallet, the wallets become more covetable.

Referring to creativeness about mushroom, the crazy colorful mushroom and mushroom clouds are the most eye-catching. These are Takashi Muradami's totems. The three-dimensional mushrooms are reminiscent of mushroom shaped buildings in kindergarten or parks.

If you miss the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Collection, hunt for this 2007 mushroom cartoon collection. They are definitely successful attention-grabbers.

When you see the "Miss Marc" collection released by Marc by Marc Jacobs in early spring in 2008, you must have an idea to go on a trip. Except for bags, there are T-shirts and loose little pants. I'm sure you cannot resist the temptation of going to the seaside. Isn't the fat bikini girl very cute?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kate Moss and Her Luminous Green Mulberry Bayswater Bag

Kate Moss was shot to wear a Mulberry Bayswater bag crafted in luminous green crocodile leather. This is a customized bag at the price of 7,000 pounds. Since more than two years ago Mulberry has already had customized leather bag service.

Customers can choose six classic Mulberry bags to customize: Ledbury, East West Bayswater, Bayswater, Piccadilly, Brynmore and Calder. There are several leathers available including metallic glossy leather and ostrich leather. But there is no crocodile leather.
As a part of customizing service, the metallic pieces can be engraved with initials of names of customers. You can also choose charged-extra leather accessories engraved initials. Isn't it very attractive?

Usually it will take six to eight weeks from booking to delivery of the Mulberry bags. Rumor has it that most of Mulberry leather products are made in China. But the brand says that all of these luxury products are hand made in factories in Somerst, Britain.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tiffany Savoy Handbags

If you are Tiffany & Co.'s Loyal fans, there may be such a confusing: When other fashion and designer bags go all out to open up new and old jewelry has never been involved in new areas, and why the older generation as a senior jewelry Tiffany & Co ., do not open up new areas of fashion bags, accessories and even it? Finally, in the fashion industry's Peoples of the "bag" in, Tiffany was out of leather!

Tiffany & Co.2010 launched this autumn and winter series of new leather fake louis vuitton handbags, leather handbags by famous designers  Richard Lambertson and John Truex design. The two designers, who co-founded their own brand of Lambertson Truex, has been sought after niche fashion super enthusiasts. Later, the brand is Tiffany & Co. Acquisition, the two men become Tiffany & Co. A new leather handbag design director.

Tiffany Bracelet Bag leather goods from some of the columns appear to Tiffany & Co. Finally understand the fans who are thinking!

 The leather series, also includes the autumn and winter gloves, fans on the "lying down" is absolutely true.

Tiffany Manhattan Satchel Handbag, the name suggests discount louis vuitton handbags, it is inspired by Manhattan's Metropolitan temperament to alligator or snake skin as a material, not only to meet the needs of daily life and work, the side buttons it also Tiffany & Co.'s "Signature style "light blue, silver metallic reflection in both low-key and turned a deaf ear.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christian Louboutin Wins 24th Footwear News Achievement Awards

The magazine Footwear News in authority holds on the 24th Footwear News Achievement Awards in New York on November 30. The award goes to designers who have done the most to contribute to shoe industry.

The guests are star studded. Hollywood hot mom Jessica Alba, Queen S Blake Lively, new It girl Olivia Palermo, Ivanka Trump and so on. These drop-dead gorgeous beauties light up the whole party.
Both Jessica Alba and Blake Lively don Christian Louboutin red base heels. Christian Louboutin, the designer, loves Blake Lively so much and they leave lots of group photos. What's more, Jessica Alba even brings her husband Cash Warren.

Christian Louboutin wins the highest award, person of the year. Another famous designer Brian Atwood wins the award designer of the year. No one would be surprised by the result. 

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louis vuitton zipped purse

Friday, December 3, 2010

Luxury Envelope Bags of Chanel, Bally and Ferragamo

One of the glamors of handbags is its different kinds of shapes. The envelope shaped bags with their sophisticated yet vintage

silhouettes appear in different occasions. Sometimes they are more attention-getting than the banquet bag inlaid with crystals.

If you want to find a bag that can build a mature yet youthful image for you, this kind of flat black purses will be the most

suitable. The luxurious details of these black purses break the boring style designer replica handbags wholesale. In today's retro trend, you are using the same purse as Audrey Hepburn. How exciting!

The pure black leather bag is matchable and not easily attention-getting. So you must chooce it carefully. Sometimes a small detail

can make you look gorgeous. I recommend you Chanel iconic diamond texture bag. This envelop bag features beautiful curve lines and shiny golden pieces. You will definitely like it.

If Chanel bags are not to your liking, you can take a look at Bally ostrich leather bag or Ferragamo crocodile designer knockoff handbags. They are good helpers to show your unique taste. The patent leather is more vivacious for young ladies.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Trend of Stars Designing Handbags

Nowadays the definition of "stars" is wider and wider. Top models, fashion icons are also included. In the meantime, the fact that stars design handbags shows their unknown personality and creativity. Actually, the name of stars is the biggest selling point.

The names of stars adding the craftsmanship of the brand is equal to a large magnet in the eyes of fashionistas. There is no need to worry the sales. In Paris Haute Corture Custom-Made Fashion Week this year, Bulgari "put" famous stars into bags.
Isabella Rossellini, the daughter of Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, designed a jewelry bag for Bvlgari. Isabella spent a good time in Bvlgari shop with her mother Ingrid Bergman when she was 10 years old.

This extremely retro jewelry bag is inspired by the early artworks of Parentesi jewelry collections and vintage antique bracelet. This bag express her love to her mother as well as her retro memory of 1960s. What's your opinion towards this star-made bag?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kate Moss×Longchamp Shows Classic

It is necessary to say that when it was at the first time that Kate Moss and the Longchamp joined hands together, the handbags launched by them were sought after by media and the public. However, at that time, Kate has been working on the next step. And this general direction is go to the 70's style.

"I have several 70's vintage handbags and they are purchased in a company called Florence. Longchamp Creative Director Sophie Kate Moss said that come and look at our database". Longchamp in the 70s was playing some splicing technology.
 There are three series that were launched formally, such as Neo Pure, Neo Patch and Neo Previous, which can reflect the style of Kate love classical, exotic and sparkling personality shaped handbags.

This leather is very soft. When you think of the most soft leather, three bright colors like gems, turquoise, ruby, sapphire colors and four different styles of bags, shopping bags, backpacks oblique, small side bags, Wristlet.

Coupled with the ultimate soft lambskin and decorated with a crocodile pattern strap metal, it reflects both its elegance and practicality of the characteristics.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hermes Kelly rock pigeon and 32 inch honey crocodile tote

The first station of Hermes leatherware cruise collection exhibition goes to Shanghai during September 5 to September 31. The ultra coveted  Hermes Kelly 32 inch honey toned bag made ofcrocodile and golden rock pigeon will make its first appearance, which is the highlight of the Hermes Shanghai leatherware display.

The sumptuous Hermes Kelly rock pigeon and 32 inch honey crocodile tote is designer by Hermes Paris House to state how much attention Hermes has paid to the 2010 global cruise collection exhibition. All the pricy designer handbags will look small besides the unique Hermes Kelly tote.

The paramount craftsmanship is all conveyed through the Hermes Kelly bag. Feather, rose gold and diamond come with crocodile yet they form a perfect whole. The honey toned crocodile part costs 4 days at Hermes Paris House. It's perforated and splendid. The golden rock pigeon feature at the facade of the bag is designed by Hermes CD Couli Jobert and completed by leather processor Lemarie by hand.

229 brown diamonds are inlaid at the rose gold clasp of the Hermes Birkin bag, topping off the incredible cozy luxe. All the skilled designers and workmen at Hermes Paris House consume one month in the whole bag, making it extremely elegant and sleek.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Winter Wardrobe of MO&Co. De Paris

The winter wardrobe of MO & Co. De Paris is full of imagination and individual taste of the universal fashion closet, and fascinating profile of the strong combination of attitude, so that modern neutral enjoy the release of personal style.

Meanwhile, the new high-end series of Edition 10 officially listed in a routine equipment and work wear to break the boundaries of the new concept of high fashion, high fashion personality play mix and match styles to create can easily control any time series of high fashion . Set to become an exciting boring work, installation of street has become more refined type, office look is no longer a suit, white shirt, stiff upright trousers, party occasions, more personal.

The new MO & Co. De Paris winter and Edition 10 series, concentrates all the desire for high fashion and the pursuit of personal style, whether it is free and easy silk shirt, the noble camel hair coat, futuristic pads straight skirt, bright warm fur coat ... ... are always a kind of effortless performance of fashion, "type", this "type" contains the essence of high fashion, high fashion of wearing the same time subvert the rule, whether it is high mix low in mix and match, or day to night hang out wearing the delimitation of the concept, all show a very interesting personality type.

For all those who love high fashion, personal style respect for people, this is the MO & Co. De Paris through the winter wardrobe with a fashion attitude. MO & Co. De Paris has also been more and more from designers, stylists, fashion editors, to belong to different professions, ages of fashion followers, to break the boundaries, across day and night and the occasion of the "type" of people in each cell into fashion dress in character, playing a part in this winter modern chic to your taste.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miu Miu Patent Ruffle

It’s a strange sensation to appearance at a image with the Miu Miu Patent Ruffle designer handbag and obtain a powerful perception that you have saw the bag (or a single like it) someplace days ago. It is certainly a dark patent satchel with girlish leather-based ruffles in pink and purple has to possess its personal distinctive feature from the luxury handbag market. Have I got it? Perhaps.

It took me a even though to determine precisely what this Miu Miu reminded me of, but I finally found it, that is the Marc Jacobs Vortex bag. It is made of the classic leather  but not patent, but the dark system topped with pink and purple ruffles is comparable enough for my bad small brain to confuse them.

It doesn't seem that how the Miu Miu designers have been inspired through the Marc Jacobs bag, but there are sufficient something in common to provide us all a good reminder that even a pretty quirky bag most likely resembles something else around within the big market. There is often not the case, as they mention in this way.

Miu Miu is renewed and focus on girly way. In this way, its Fall collection is refreshing and varied. This total idea might not be sensible for that very female, but I count that we’ll see at the very least an editor or fashionable toting it throughout style Week.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Generous Commuting Bag for OL

A simple commuter bag for you to shape the generous OL image and allows you to quickly integrate into the work environment. For you to network all over the trend of Japanese women bag, you choose the entry-level fashion OL Come now! The shape of waterproof canvas bag made of fabric, canvas bag with adjustable length, athletic OL who may consider this commuter bag Oh!

Navy blue canvas bag, scalable beam port design is very practical, the side bags can put some small parts, with this bag travel good oh!

The combination of very white and orange bags FEEL, OL nowadays have to pursue low-carbon life, environmental protection, environmental protection bag of the bag for this type of virtuous economic OL. Oh, it is perfect for business briefcase, classic black with a very simple design to show the image of the perfect charm OL dress.

Garcia black suit jacket with pants, a strong woman LOOK Oh! The bags use fabrics and leather with a comfortable made of thin package reflects the ladies with style.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Soft Handbags Are In-Trend

The shape and size of handbags, the basic is just a few. This season, big bags and small backpacks also popular. If you want to buy a big handbag, see our current recommendation section color: profile shape and material are very soft, tassels are for decoration. We always like large handbags, large handbags tough visible red for several quarters has had. This season, we recommend the charm of a more "invisible" light a large handbag. Semi-transparent black lace coat and put on bright colors with a soft tassel handbag, is equal to the playful, sexy and fun in the cause.

Whether fabric or leather, tough profile shape compared to the big bag, the soft, large bag usually lighter weight. Without sacrificing capacity and reduce the weight of your shoulders, what popular news than this one more enjoyable? First notice about the next issue we want to say this season's hottest back a small bag. Shareholders by the wind, big bag this season is no error in the luxury goods sector has a new Double Buckle Mulberry's big bag to prove it.

The printed fabric, decorated with leather tassels, tiny heart-shaped three-dimensional pattern, the overall color is very bright and pleasant spring to relax. So start a new package, a small vertical stripe suits and jeans will be able to go out, but remember that the new stamp put on flat shoes and panda pins yo. Asian girls small size handbag with large-capacity flexible packaging, to create a unique style.

Loose outline of a light gray coat and black short skirt dress has always been very safe, but in the short skirt of lace and lace trench coat at a little color to echo, so that your whole body shape is slightly sweet style of these OL wind. The one shoulder strap and body handbags, scientific name is called "HOBO", another great comeback season trend. Advantages at a glance: High capacity, light weight, high-quality leather is soft and can carry can be rolled back to the tassel with metal parts to improve the quality of a sense of handbags. Made of leather vertical fight, and gave such an increase in the young a sense of handbags.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Louis Vuitton Favors Him

Louis Vuitton autumn and winter accessories bohemian by a group of musicians who perform the amazing academic rock style. Photos in the band Maroon 5 Mickey Madden filmed at home. Classic Leopard Scarf, cat's eye style sunglasses, a wide belt decorated rivet, and even colorful fashion accessories, Louis Vuitton 157 years of craftsmanship and the young musicians of the U.S. West Coast temperament, integrate into a different kind of uninhibited style. Louis Vuitton fancy band is Maroon 5's music.

In the hot California sun, Louis Vuitton autumn and winter accessories bohemian by a group of musicians who perform the amazing academic rock style. Photos in the band Maroon 5 Mickey Madden home in the film was finished, Nathalie Love, "The Like" the band's Z Berg, Jason Boesel and other wear from the classic Louis Vuitton leopard scarf, cat's eye style sunglasses, a wide belt decorated rivet, and even colorful fashion accessories. Louis Vuitton 157 years of craftsmanship and the young musicians of the U.S. West Coast temperament, integrate into a different kind of uninhibited style.

Band formed in Los Angeles in 1994, when the members or five high school students. Perhaps the Beginning of adolescence and the yearning for the initial band name is KARA Flower. But the high school fleeting glory and honor, after all, five people to continue to develop. Later, they launched the record company's album REPRISE "THE FOURTH WORLD" ("Fourth World"), the reaction flat. You had better know the words to how much pressure they brought in the United States, in addition to the real big stars outside, most of the artist's life very general, for their own musical ideals, but also doing their own day do not like something, we must bow down to a bag of bread.

MAROON 5 did warm up the guests, a bar with bands, business performance, touring and so on and so forth. Five young people hovering at the crossroads, not knowing where to go. Featuring their works "SONGS ABOUT JANE" ("The Love Song written for Jenny") was also placed on record store was quiet and no one cares more than a year. More than a year of silence, the opportunity finally came, this letter for the former girlfriend of the heart of the eye picked up by a broker, sizzling up and pass the examination in the major U.S. radio stations.

The big break in 2004 they began to harvest of the year, even the mainstream music market, the benchmark also favored the group insisted the Grammy ideal young man, the 2005 session of the best new artist trophy BEST NEW ARTIST sent to their hands. ADAM at the ceremony, singer, not without complaint sigh: "Two days ago, is our 11th anniversary of the band formed, and today we won the Best Newcomer Award, which is very funny."

Monday, October 11, 2010

Paris Grand Palais to Watch the Chanel Spring-Summer 2011

October 5, released the Paris Grand Palais-CHANEL Spring-Summer 2011 haute couture line. This shows in the Grand Palais in Paris and 84 models have appeared in recent years is the largest conference in the model one. Conference site is also a star-studded, Keira Knightley Chanel Coco perfume spokesmen, are invited to attend a big show of the field. Go take a look at this grand occasion it! Stella Tennant, 90's supermodel, represents CHANEL2011 Chun Xia Daxiu go opening.

Exciting than this, before the big show, supermodel Coco Rocha in their own micro-Bo broke the news: Inès de la Fressange, Karl's muse in the 1980s will return CHANEL show field - this conference live music by an orchestra of 80 musicians playing live together - each model will be five minutes in the live show!

Stella Tennant served as Chanel Spring-Summer 1996 Haute large series of promotional models protagonist; Inès de la Fressange worked Chanel autumn and winter of 1987 set uniform series of high-level catwalk.

Into the show, greeted by a fountain, three French, black lava rock and white sand composed of black and white large garden. It seems, CHANEL this year's big show is determined to be "magnificent" to the limit. Karl Lagerfeld is not only the entire venue into a maze of details of the office is distinctive: the floor of black and white color with subtle echoes the classic CHANEL.

Supermodel Coco Rocha's broke the news as, this conference is live music is really an orchestra of 80 musicians from live performance, by Thomas Roussel arranger and conductor.

CHANEL2011 spring and summer venue layout design style is more ambitious than the atmosphere, especially this pink feather wear, silk and feathers intertwined, fine embroidery, work of ingenuity, is simply a series of elegance CHANEL Haute reproduction.

This eye-catching feather dress, attracted many international fashion critic key recommendation of its author "the feeling of flying."

Friday, October 8, 2010

Louis Vuitton is up!

Most stores in France announced in advance time off two weeks after closing shop, luxury leather goods brand Louis Vuitton (LouisVuitton) and the implementation of fare increases on certain products, according to sources told Agence France-Presse said, because "raw material prices pressure."

According to the sources, the increase mainly related to the French market, increases from "zero to 10%", "best-selling handbag is 9%," such as Monogram canvas.

Brand Bestsellers Monogram canvas price from 460-2600 euros.
Agence France-Presse on Thursday this query, Louis Vuitton (LVMH Group) refused to confirm the relevant information, but also do not want to comment on this.

Involved in the current prices of raw materials used in jewelry industry, gold and palladium. But also involved in cotton and leather. The source said the increase in the latter two are "more than 50%." The source said, "shut shop for an hour in advance is to maintain the quality of production in France, while raw materials prices rose in response to the price."

Louis Vuitton, LVMH Group's previously announced starting from September 13 to November 30 period in France ahead of the majority of stores will close for an hour every day, because stocks, worried that there was no before Christmas goods supply situation.

Global luxury giant LVMH announced first half net profit in July recorded a 53% increase, mainly due to increase in sales, especially Louis Vuitton handbag hot selling.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gucci Fall/Winter 2010 Women Ready-To-Wear

Frida Giannini said she was grown, so this is designed for more mature women, to some extent it is for her own. She was 38 years old, almost not really middle-aged, but this season we see that her designs have something like Stella McCartney, peaceful and relaxed, and no longer want to achieve the cool sense of fashion. The beginning of the conference was cream and dove from head to toe. The nude color make people feel quiet.

They are tailor to fit the dresses. The ostrich feathers and slender suede patchwork coat also pair with the same color of opaque tights and shoes. Then, Giannini gave up the market for seasonal epidemics and focus more and more on the trousers. This is her forte single product, yet cutting is the most outstanding, with coats and fur jackets splicing blend day dress is stunning example of self-confidence.

Giannini refered the brand of 90's and 60's history. So, we have to refer to a person. He is Tom Ford. But Giannini only applied to his early high boots cut trousers and double-G logo. Giannini's trousers, slim and crisp, just enough to cover the width of the foot, very accurate. The cut is also very lovable hip (after all, this is the decisive place), with a fox fur vest lined suede jacket-A, or the blending wool leather jacket, elegant and charming.

As for the dresses, Giannini's design turned to a little longer with the wrapped leg suede boots have been extended to the bottom edge of the skirt, sexy but not pushy. It is the way that Giannini interpreted Gucci of this season for us.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Vogue in the Past

At the moment when retro tide is pandemic, people have interest in vintage clothing when there is no thought of the last century's fashion magazine cover look like it? VOGUE China in the 5th anniversary celebration of the upcoming series, let us recall the old eight-ninety years ago the cover of it!

10,20 years last century, new art movement in Europe developed to the peak of the era. The cover of VOGUE at that time, but also filled with new art style, and many more posters style appears. This one is a 3-monthly in 1919, this delicate, complex style magazine cover poster of 20 years in the mid-20th century, dominated the 20th century and has been extended to 50 years. 1920 1 issue. The poster-style cover of the magazine cover on the very few words, his pursuit of the integrity of the cover, if language would cover the whole point of appealing to transfer of the cover, which would make meaningless well-designed cover .

4, 1920 issue. Art Nouveau style known for their smooth, graceful lines of the use of organic shape and image of women is full of beauty known. This style of architecture, furniture and clothing, patterns and text design. This is the July 1921 cover of VOGUE, in that era, the most influential figures of the picture is not, but the illustrations, this illustration, a deep and style of Art Nouveau period.

Paintings of women with graceful lines, dressed in Rococo style clothing, and for the generous use of color. But in addition to Issues and name, the cover does not cover language, making the whole picture is more complete.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prada Fiocchetto

Prada 2010 autumn and winter the new "Fiocchetto" shoes are available with variety of styles, such as the high heels, flat shoes, sandals and sandals. The common feature is a bow (Fiocchetto) decoration. Inspired by the 20th century, 50's pop culture, pointed, stiletto is the main features of "Fiocchetto" women shoes.

Prada "Fiocchetto" Women have a variety of materials to choose from, including patent leather, crocodile sticks, Rasi Silk Mill (radzmire) and embroidery and forging, as well as some models with the use of a number of materials, form a unique texture and color contrast.

The items designed for runway are mainly the thick wool with Prada Fiocchetto. However, the model's legs are obviously fatter than they are, it is still common to honestly wear stockings. And then with just over the knee loose skirt, and perhaps they themselves would feel like into the studio of "Mad Men".

The temperature slowly drops, sooner or later the streets has given way to dress cool change. Time to say good bye to the hot pants and short skirts. But for those who like to show off their beautiful legs, what about to complement with a pair of Prada Fiocchetto?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gucci New Bamboo leather Medium Tote

In stultifying and oldish style, this Gucci New Bamboo method Tote shows the noble standing of an stylish lady from huge society. It is relatively noble and gorgeous as a carry out result of its traditional GG material and some iconic embellishments. The outside pocket adorned using the bamboo detail especially refined in craftsmanship. The beige GG material of Gucci appears timeless even although in the style planet to make certain that it will be permanently appropriate available for you non-public just one of this. maybe merely because inside the bamboo handles, the bag appears like a basket, but stylish and stylish.

It is certainly a useful bag. I am satisfaction to introduce the versatility of the bag to you. owning a spacious ability of 13.8"L x 6.3"W x 11.8"H, it is especially huge enough for each evening use and even holiday travelling packing. look to the within zip and snap pockets and huge compartments. They provide you space to arrange huge pieces on top of that to tiny pieces. Considerately, bottom ft are developed to shield the Bordeaux leather-based trim inside the bag. I bet you will be cozy using the bag when carrying it using the double bamboo handles.

This Gucci New Bamboo method Tote arrives by means of the most latest Gucci 2010 Fall Winter Collection. for individuals that non-public of it, you just actions closely for that fashions inside the world. I think the beige GG material will be much more preferred through the subsequent fall and winter seasons.

Both the situation and pattern of the bag is really vintage and classic. Owning traditional custom made handbags especially Gucci handbags will be an fascinating thing. This bag is appropriate for the fall and winter days. Now how about deal with your do it yourself with this new Gucci bag after which appreciate your do it yourself with it?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Feel Free with Miu Miu Matellasse Tote

Coming as the latest model from Miu Miu, this Miu Miu Matellasse Tote enjoys a good reputation among young ladies. The blue one of this collection is my favorite bag among Miu Miu handbags. Miu Miu is an ideal brand for young fashionable ladies due to its youthful design and bright colors. Take this attractive blue of this Miu Miu Matellasse Tote for example. It looks just like a showy blue rose. In my eyes, blue roses are more precious and voluptuous than red roses. Made of blue Napa leather, it shows a flesh appearance with engraved gold hardware.

The D ring links attached to the double rolled handles make the bag shiny. Together with the gold hardware, they look harmonious with the whole blue bag. I found the press studs on two sides of the bag very interesting and funcitonal as I can use them to adjusst the capacity of the bag. This user-friendly bag also gives you a generous capacity with the size of 14"L x 5"W x 13"H. It would be spacious enough for your essential during your shopping.

Of course, it would be a good piece for office ladies thanks to its elegant blue color and graceful design. On the front, the small Miu Miu logo seems be more low key than other world famous brands. Open this Miu Miu bag with the snap closure which keeps your contents safe in the bag. Then you will see the bag is equipped with refined satin lining. With interior zip, PDA and cell phone pockets, your small things will be arranged neatly in the bag.

This Miu Miu bag is really ideal for young ladies. How about treat yourself with this bag with youthful vigor. I think it may bring high spirit and good mood to you. Holding the blue rolled handles, you would feel free with this gorgeous blue bag.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gucci's Gift to the Nations Children's Fund

With the snow and the coming of Christmas gift, this Gucci bag carries gratitude, joy and love. To celebrate this festival is to give the person you love, respect for people to express feelings of gratitude and best wishes to thank each other in this year, the efforts and hard, hope next year's harvest more happiness. Reward yourself, buy a gift for their physical and mental joy, and this is a gift years. It is not the severity of size of the gift that counts, but the appropriate gratitude, language and emotion.

The original intent of Christmas is ralated to thanksgiving. So Christmas is the best displays ofaffection, kindness Christmas holiday. When you see the Gucci launch by Christmas and New Year's charity products, you will feel the warmness. This accessory was designed by the Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini including two medium Gucci Joy handbag, a hand bag and wallet and a set of key chain ornaments.

The design of two Gucci bags is more funny than the Gucci bags we commonly come across. The body of it is decorated with decals and light fine print, inspired by a famous writer and illustrator Michael Roberts's unique work of comical drawing, so lovely. The series is put on sale in Gucci stores over 20 countries from November 16 to December 31 while 25% of sales revenue will contribute to the Nations Children's Fund, including the Chinese children who are affected by HIV.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gwen Stefani Looks Her Best with L.A.M.B Leather Bag

Gwen Stefani loves angle, music and her babies and thus I never worry if she would look bad with her L.A.M.B designer bags. This gorgeous Hollywood celeb and mom, together with Modanna and Sarah Jessica Parker, knows to dress cute when going out for shopping with their children.

Though Gwen Stefani is not as strong as Sarah Jessica Parker in choosing vivid printed bags, say, Gucci Snowman in Africa bag, she has another way to please her sons. She will greet the camera lens with quirky gesture or odd getup and gain Kingston and Zuma's lol with the awesome paparazzi's streetsnaps. This is in sharp contrast with Sarah Jessica Parker. I still remember how much I was terrified the moment I caught sight of SJP's witch-like grey coat and pants though her printed Gucci Joy Boston bag was pretty. Now I love this pic! Gwen Stefani appears so cute with casual tank top and slacks, paired with a black L.A.M.B leather tote.

Gwen Stefani can keep in splendid style even if she wears strong makeup. For instance, her lipsticked mouth is firey, yet it doesn't do harm to her chic. Her black leather tote is echoing her black slacks and sunglasses and she knows to breathe vividness to the ensemble by wearing colourful strappy sandals.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The World of Flowers—Fendi Peony Canvas Handbag

It seems that I have been in a world of wonderful flower when watching at this Fendi Peony Canvas Handbag. The painting of peony and light color setting of the bag is giving off a luxurious and fragrant feeling to us. I love the sweet pink color and the pictures of peony in light colors. As you know, peony is extremely popular in China both in the modern times and ancient times. Poets wrote forever poems to praise it. In a word, it is so popular and elegant in people’s eyes. Added the elegant element of peony, this bag appears distinguished and feminine among all designer handbags.

It is so vivid to see Fendi logo printed on the bag surface. The peony looks like real flowers in the garden. I just want to smell at it and touch it with my hand. Look at the flat creamy handles and lining where perfectly matches the whole bag. Do you notice that the four corners are reinforced by the creamy leather pads? It is so considerate for the designer to do so. I think it must be in high quality with this user-friendly design. Double flat handles with 10” drop in my eyes will be very comfortable for carrying.
I am satisfied with the zippered closure as I think this kind of closure is more convenient for me. Having an interior uncovered pocket, it offers me more capacity for small articles. Though spring has gone, this Fendi peony Canvas handbag brought me back to spring. I remember that last spring I once when a famous garden with diversity of flowers.

This bag makes me think of that sweet experience. Perhaps every woman has a story of her handbag. Handbags with special stories will absolutely be more valuable than other bags.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chanel Hits Saint Tropez with Chanel Cruise 2011

Come come! Have you got it? Chanel has released Saint Tropez beach on May 11. The French actor Pascal Greggory, Diane Kruger and boyfriend Joshua Jackson and Chanel spokesperson Vanessa Paradis, together with handsome Gaspard Ulliel, New York "It Girl" Leigh Lezark and Anna Mouglalis were all present. At the beginning part of the press conference, all the models appeared barefoot, coupled with slightly messy hair.

The Chanel models were just like fairies who wearing the flowing chiffon skirts, a pair of Jeans. The modern and the nostalgic feel do form a contrast with the theme. In the press conference, Karl Lagerfeld also said that Coco Chanel had ever been here and she also lived for many years in St. Tropez. His knowledge about the beach is like that of Paris.

The concept of "thin model" provokes criticism in the fashion industry. Chanel takes action to break the "thin is beautiful" myth and invites the western plump models to the catwalks. Ryan is a fat model who wears size 12. On that day she wore two sets on the women's runway, respectively are peach colored lace pants and black and white chiffon dress, which testified that even if the body was full, you can find your perfect Chanel outfits available in Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld said that Saint Tropez represented freedom includes clothes! In this spring, he films "God Created Woman" in Brigitte Badu for the Muses and set free passion and is expected to be listed in November.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shanghai, the New Platform of Christian Dior Cruise

Christian Dior is leaning more and more in China market. on May 15, Shanghai witnessed the carnival of Christian Dior. Numberous gorgeous supermodels in the whole Dior outfit, Stunned Shanghai strongly. The show coincided with the reopening of Dior’s revamped boutique in luxury shopping mall Plaza 66 and the inauguration of a retrospective exhibition. This is really the moment for Dior.

Compared with the long-standing adversary Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci, all of whom spare no effort to display their new jobs with obvious hint of appealing to Chinese during the period of 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Dior would rather be the constant executor of French flavour. As John Galliano,the Dior senior puts, " I know I'm with Chinese friends, but I don't think it necessary to convey the theme of Dior with the exaggerated exhibition of Chinese-inspired Dior works. Dior is the French Dior, Chinese would also be impressed with the savoir faire of France."
When asked regarding why Dior would choose Shanghai as a significant platform of Dior Cruise 2011, Galliano can't wait to release his confidence in China market, interestingly similar to the remarks by other big brands like Louis Vuitton, Galliano claims proudly that price is not a problem.

Moreover, Galliano comments that Shanghai ladies in many ways resemble French ladies. "I like the smart Shanghai women who are inborn with the talent of combining tradition and innovation.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gossip Girl Boom Celine

Phoebe Philo, the new design director of Celine, will put up the first series in the 15 Celine stores around the world.

Next year we will see that the concept of guidance from the Phoebe Philo boutiques. First of all, the flagship store in Montaigne Avenue Montaigne in Paris is refreshing. The company also develops the wholesale business. Now there are 250 worldwide partners. Wholesale, from the classic leather jacket to sell well. Celine Women business in the U.S. is very good. Phoebe Philo believed that the U.S. is an important market for Celine.

Phoebe Philo Celine said before and it will continue to adhere to the strategy, rely mainly on the retail system, and now Celine has 115 boutiques worldwide, accounting for 70% of sales. However, Internet sales will continue the road.

By the third season the "Gossip Girl" as if created a group of young and beautiful It Girl and It Boy, although the story is always far-fetched quarterly and make people worry that it will not go on the play. But dramatis personae of clothing and bags are becoming more and more hot. And the play made a star of the hottest models when the number of natural actress Serena in the second quarter recurring Celine in the same series of handbags, "Watch Me Work" and "Watch Me Move", even including her beautiful and elegant man, she is also a fan of Celine It Bag. In addition, a number of It Girl also hold a hot Dior Lady Dior, Miu Miu mosaic stripe bag, Chanel's 2.55, etc.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Halle Berry is Sexy with her Coach Editorial Zoe

Being a big fan of Coach, Hally Berry has always been blotted getting into Coach handbags upon assorted social occasion. And you acknowledge how come I care that? As she puts on what she desires, does not call for the greatest terminate designer at all details, and that takes her look more accessible. I recognize it is rather absurd to imagine Halle prefer to take a seat to enjoy a pushover with me and gossip, but I wouldlike she would be one of t he ladies that I could be everlasting acquaintances.
Halle was shoote carrying her white Coach Editorial Zoe handbag  merely fashionable in the summertime. An effective summertime bag can supply a brisk look to what you wear. More effective yet, whenever you prefer to append a handbag without dropping a bit much, Coach could be the flawless designer to consider.

Hally Berry has been rated as the most beautiful sexy woman and was named the Oscar winner. Once in a certain movie, the Bond girl was wearing a bikini out of the sea scene, then she became one of the most sexy star on the classic Hollywood screen. There is nothing to add to her perfect body and when she was a little child, she was a great beauty.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Kind of Customized Louis Vuitton

In your mind, what is travelling? As far as I am concerned, it seems to be a busy schedule, far away from home, the warm fire and the sweet and delicious soup. However, when you open the Louis Vuitton high couture travelling case, whether its small and cute body or the practicability, it is able to give you to take your time to sip the champagne and taste the high-class caviar. You are sure to love its cuteness and elegance. As if only a small beauty case, Louis Vuitton embossed leather can be wrapped in and gently turn on the spin button, you are sure to appreciate these delicate cutlery and cup, so elegant and amazing. Yet it is the style of this Louis Vuitton Case.

Recently, Louis Vuitton opened its Shanghai flagship store located in Hang Lung Plaza officially. It is among the world's first hand-studio, that is Louis Vuitton Atelier. The hand studio also exhibits a variety of special customized products, such as the specially customized mini-series that first appeared in China, which is used for placing champagne and allowing guests to enjoy the valuable and delicious caviar during traveling, etc. At the same time, the Shanghai hand-studio will provide personalized customization called made-to-order and custom-made, text and letter stamping to show the brand's unique and special customized services.

Do you feel it is a smart idea? Besides, Louis Vuitton also releases the Mon Monogram customization service. In that case, it must be to your liking.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hermes 2010 S/S Collection

Currently Hermes has 14 series of products, including leather goods, bags, scarves, men and women clothing lines, perfume, watches and so on. Most products are hand crafted, and no wonder some said Hermes products have profound thinking and high quality, rich in content, craft exquisite works of art as well. The fine works of Hermes melt into the fast-paced modern life by means of spreading in more than 200 stores, more than 20 countries and regions in the world. It just makes people return to the embrace of traditional elegance.

As a new year has come to us, we might as well also check what does Hermes bring us. 
Gabriele Pezzini, design director of Hermes, focus so much attention to this ergonomic travel best mate. It has unique features and also highlights the quality of appearance. Its outside is made of Brushed aluminum plating and the internal surface is reinforced with selected carbon and fiber B. In this way, he can fully create unparalleled abrasion resistance.

The Hermes suitcase features a natural leather handle, which makes  people immediately think the travelling world of Hermes.

The Hermes Arion adoptes a new sporty design. The adjustable handle with the two incisions can be handheld or carried across the body. Soft and light, in particular, it features a very spacious interior design.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Over-Priced Chanel Alligator Bag

Unlike other brands, Chanel is one of the major luxury brands that makes an entrance to the online market in a slow speed. Once Amanda involved in a topic about luxury families like Chanel making an slow entrance to the online sales including blogs and communities. There was a time when Chanel voids of a online site. It was until the recent days that Chanel began fliiling videos from their shows and upcoming products lines onto it. For those who are eager to do researching works it is a good idea.

Now I notice that what I am doing is more or less the same, I was completely attracted by a certain bag that almost by no means comes to me. It is the Chanel Classical Matte Alligator Bag which features a flap CC closure and interlaced chain. Chanel Classical Matte Alligator Bag just costs more than my luxury belongings and even my car.

It is a luxury Chanel purse and then I said it could never come to me if the price could not come down. A beautiful bag, is it? I love its size and it is easy to wear, the perfect size.

I have tried my best to look for a Chanel alligator and get one under my name. Well, Chanel Classical Matte Alligator Bag is just favourite here with the color that I have dreamed of for so long. I am positive that this kind of design is sure to be ever-lasting but being priced at $26,600, it just makes me step back.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Louis Vuitton Launches Taiga Collection

Louis Vuitton has recently released Spring men's Taiga series. Judged form its simple lines and designs, it is not difficult to find that the annual fashion trends tend to return to nature and simple led by the luxury brands. Even low-key is an essential element. The whole range of products including shoes, casual bags and wallets and other accessories with all in solid colors.
The ingeniue Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer collection is verified, such as the early cylinder bags, Boston bags. Louis Vuitton has introduced Gym Set and Taiga Collection in the same time, which is a shrewd way and it seems that Louis Vuitton tests comsumers' rationality.

Literarally, Louis Vuitton Gym Set is full of energy. In the sense of infinite physical strength, this kind of non-brifecase is really needed in streets.

Each time when I saw the first pictures of the Men's Spring/Summer collection 2010 I was attracted by the three new Taiga colours, that is Polaire, Boreal and Glacier. I collected all the pictures of them. Now that god bless me and the new Taiga collection of Louis Vuitton has come to me and I just want to make a trip to Milan to do crazy shopping.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent's Charms Series

Yves Saint Laurent is both avant-garde and classical and is good at adjusting defects in the human body. It often combine arts, cultures and other diversity factors into the designs of the garment and draws sharp and rich inspiration from the beginning to the end. Saint Laurent's flagship products are haute couture whose targets are the world's richest people. They are made of luxury materials and crafted in a detail-minded process with the expensive prices that are unacceptable to ordinary people. Let's take a look at YSL new luxury handbags!

YSL Charms bags

YSL handbag series have always been making fans hard to put it down. Every time the new series can bcome the top fifth in the of wish list. Charms collection is elegant and once again becomes one of our favorites. The series selects batik calf to show a strong texture effect and hide subtleties under the surface of the leather. And the texture of the words with the ornaments YSL ropes graphics are embossed on the surface of leather, which satisfies the people's voyeuristic mentality, but also give the series a vaguely mysterious flavor.

The whole Charms collection as a whole cover a wide range. Shoulder bags and small cosmetic bags, handbags, as well as practical totes are readily available. There are a low-key taupe and bright pink and orange for you to choose. It is absolutely a must-buy item.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Louis Vuitton Handbags Are the Best Sellers in the Second Hand

The second-hand stores display goods include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chaneland other international big-name bags, watches and so on. Most of them are nearly new and the prices are 40% lower than the franchise counters while as for some new luxuries, the prices are 20% -30% lower than the franchise counters.

louis vuitton second hand shop

If the business is good, they can sell 56 products a week. The one who is in charge of the store said that the second handbag in the past that cost millions arouse no interest. The Spring Festival is approaching, the number of those who patronize also increases recently. Yesterday, a used Louis Vuitton bag was traded that cost 12,000 yuan, while in the counter it costs 1.7 million.

It is understood that price of goods priced between the 3000-6000 yuan are the best sellers. Those who buy second-hand luxury goods are mostly women. Among so large a variety of luxury items, Louis Vuitton handbags are thr to the best sellers.

Second-hand luxury goods stores are mostly consignment of goods. The original owners consign their idle bags, leather goods, etc. The shop collect goods from the owner and provide an invoice and the original packaging, as well as professionals to identify the authenticity of the goods in order to make a disicion about the price. After the goods been sold out, the owner of the shops will charged the original owner 10% -15% of the transaction price as commission.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Always Spring: Valentino Bags Collection

Maybe you don't prefer the former series that Valentino offered, but this new collection you just can not ignore if you like spring so much. Roses and bows are the main factors of this winter that makes one wonder if the spring has not yet gone. Maybe in our hearts there is a bright spring forever. For the good wishes of our childhood, this winter will not be cold.

Valentino bag

The first series to bring you a feeling of forever spring is Valentino florals handbags called "petals". As the name suggests, it is made of Napa leather roses that occupy the entire bag and it is very eye-catching. Layer after layer of lay out reflect the perfect details. Maroon has a sense of nostalgia that makes people think that the love of last century still continues. The middle zipper is through the whole bag while the double handles can be adjustable. It can be hanged in the waist and the design is classic.

Valentino bag 2

The second series that deserves mentioning is Valentino Rose Handbag. This is a rose handbag, all-inclusive with taffeta flowers made of roses. It is a romantic and noble combination. The natural transition is just all right. The handle is made of patent leather which has a zipper pocket. The whole bag is gorgeous and refined and has one kind of decadent beauty as well.

The last series I would like to share with you is Valentino "FLEVR "series. The handbags of this series are made from beige suede rose flowers, delicate and elegant in one.

Are you itch now? You can have buy one for yourself as it is Valentino's masterpiece of this winter.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Odeon GM

Louis Vuitton Monogram Odeon GM is the few successful LV new design combining both classic and modern. This could perhaps make of a great grab-and-go purse as this bag guarantees versatility for all seasons use and for whatever outfit you wish to wear.

This holds the classic signature design which makes it timeless, and is in a modern and feminine shape to make it somewhat trendy for today’s use and beyond. This lv bag is very roomy at 14.5 x 13.8 x 2.2 inches which then makes it an ideal bag for those who are always on the go. It has flat and phone pockets on the inside and another flat pocket on the outside to add to its practicality, plus, it can be carried over in three ways, making this a very versatile carryall. It can be handheld through the use of the handles on top, or across the body or on the shoulders through the adjustable shoulder strap.

This bag is designed with natural cowhide trim and with shiny brass hardware, making it exude a more luxurious look. This may be a bit of a casual bag, but its overall design is very elegant in style that it would perhaps be the only bag you’d want to bring along on a daily use.

A modern, timeless and sumptuous Louis Vuitton Monogram Odeon GM deserves an equally luxurious amount of $1,100. It may really be a hefty amount, but it will surely make of a worthy investment. The same replica Louis Vuitton bag is available on Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall at a more cheaper price.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Women Deserve Having Chanel, Prada and...

All women want to have the unique bags in the world but due to the prblem which brand they like is based on their favors and their own personal hobbies.

Recently I learnt from a survey dealing with what kinds of bags do women like most. Here I have got a list about them.

Coach bag

The first one is Coach Baby Blue Candy Bag. Tod 's Baby Blue Candy Bag has a unique shape and it is very practical. The innovative design became popular in the summer. It has a very lovely name, that is Candy bag ~ because both sides of the bags are tied with the beautiful Leather Strap bow, which got the lovely name.

The second one is Louis Vuitton spring and summer 05 powder blue bag. The pretty powder blue color gives you the feeling of the new spring. It seemed that even yourself has a new look! The light color and no exaggeration, it creates a feeling of elegance born in well-known families with ease.

The third one is Prada 2005 new fun fun-shape brooch shopping bag. Many well-known artists and business people like Prada's simple and low-key yet practical advantage. You must have the basic models. It is suitable for you on a variety of occasions!

The fourth one is Chanel pink color horizontal Combon Handbag which is so popular among the Asian people. It is voted one of the most ten popular brands with its fresh and simple design.

Those followed are Fendi 2005 Chili - Gold canvas Evening bag, Coach pretty pink small handbag, Balenciaga Motorcycle bag and Gucci Turkey Blue fashion handbag and Gucci pink 3 D Ring Tote.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Second Generation of Prada Phone

LG joined hands with the fashion brand Prada thus introduced Prada KE850. By virtue of the appearance of luxury and the simple beauty, it has won the hearts of a lot of fashionable people of all ages, but also to leave a deep impression to many consumers. Under the background that KE850 has a good sales record, LG have quickly introduced the second generation Prada phone, that is KF900. It has also won an ideal popularity after its listing. Now, KF900 abandoned the Prada luxury with the quote price of only 2020 yuan. I should say it is of low-price temptation!

prada phone

As for its appearance, KF900 uses the combination of black with silver. The front polished black panel looks a bit crystal clear and has a sense of fashion. When you pull the fuselage, you can see QWERTY keyboard which use of silver as its buttom and the botton is also silver. Moreover, there is enough space between keys and they will not pack together. As for the screen, the aircraft use the 240 × 400 display, 3.0-inch viewing area. It should be said that this resolution and size mix are very appropriate.

As the upgraded version of KE850, KF900 is more stylish, functional and more playful whether in appearance or functionality to the users. I believe that the opportunities are the pursuit of fashion choices of many good friends.

If you are a fan of Prada. then you might also buy this brand-new stylish product.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Core Value of Louis Vuitton

I just felt it hard for me to control my excitement when I received the press release on the recently Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign. The same as the previous campaigns is they all invited outstanding personalities here, such as Sean Connery, Michail Gorbachev and Keith Richards. I even have this kind of thought that the latest campaign could not have chosen any Core Values icons even much better than the previous one.

louis vuitton

There is none photographer whose work I have paid so much attention to it. Now I study Annie Leibowitz’s beautiful portraits, it is for Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. Therefore, when I knew that she featured in the latest Core Values campaign, I was so delighted. The portrait is done in a cheerful moment between the two seen in Annie’s NYC studio. The point is that there is a subtle lighting factor as for the scene.

Chop chop!!! Let me show you the press release now. As the entrance of Louis Vuitton’s Core Values advertising campaign in 2010, the remarkable portrait by Annie Leibovitz have done so much to its success in a way that she turns her lens upon herself in alongside with her intimate friend. She is Mikhail Baryshnikov, both the famous choreographer and dancer.

It does never appear that Never has an Annie Leibovitz self-portrait under the background of an advertising campaign while the story is so alluring just as the image itself. In the process of their three-year collaboration on the Core Values campaign, Louis Vuitton and Annie Leibovitz have established a relationship based on mutual trusts and respects. LV is so eager to giving a hand to those in need in a positive way.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Louis Vuitton Leads You To the Spring of 2010

If winter comes can spring be far behind? In the fashion world which is always ahead, is already in the spring. Let us look at the early spring 2010 with the hottest holiday collections.

louis vuitton spring 2010 bag

Design of the luxury brands of handbags are increasingly respected pragmatism. Louis Vuitton French Monogram Bulles vacation with girls who go to Riviera with Shoulder Bag. This navy blue or beige bubble Nylon Bag is very easy to clean. Decorated by Brand iconic Monogram printed decoration, it has a total of three dimensions. It is exquisite as well as practical.

There are a lot of lovely accessories of Chanel Venice collection which people want to take as their own. A lace Stripe Toe boots is cute and eye-catching. Red and white, or blue and white stripes can become the focus of the entire body. Red is the classic color of Chanel members; string-like flowers are representative of antique-like accessories, The large and refined metals and jewelry flash in the sunlight. In the parties and nightclub, it will be very eye-catching. Most of the fashion magazines will have or have had other similar articles just as "the 25 French secrets of dressed as a woman". This season's holiday series of Louis Vuitton fashion delivers this lesson to fans, and this Marc Jacobs "French girl" image may be more playful, and uninhibited women in Paris than conventional.

The symbolic French navy stripes and holiday series meet the dual requirements. Navy blue color is typical while the style of bold designer has also added a dot pattern and decorative rope bundle. You can take the early spring of 2010 Louis Vuitton series as a very contradictory holiday season, both ice-sexy, elegant luxury, full of the vitality of the French girl.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag

Louis Vuitton is proud of its iconic monogram and absolutely obsessive with it. They tireless the launch new collection in various shape and with the same monogram patterns. I don’t know if that’s so called inheritance of classic but it is certainly a surest way to generate aesthetic fatigue. But this Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag is a exception. When I first sight at it, I was attracted by its elegancy.

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag

With size of 18.1″ x 15.7″ x 6.7″, Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag has enough space for daily use and traveling. It features silvery brass pieces and double zipper closure. The top handle is rounded and made of leather which is comfortable to use and stylish. There are one zipped lining pocket and a cell phone pocket inside the LV bag offering extra convenience for travelers especially for gentles.

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag

Crafted with Naxos Leather, There are two colors for choosing in this handbag collection-Taupe and White. I will choose the white one without any hesitance because it’s the perfect match for the name “Naxos” which comes from the famous Greek island. Greece is a place full of mystery and imagination. Islands studs in the deep-blue Aegean Sea as pearls for ancient goddesses. We have Santorini which presents light blue and White is the color of Naxos Island. Along million years, its peace and purity never fades.

In this turbulent world, everybody is too tired and busy to recognize himself. We tend to follow the temptation of superficial sensory stimuli advocating by giant companies and elated celebrities. That’s why dazzling new bag brands are flooding in the market and disappearing as swift as their emerging. But something is totally different in the White Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag. Vanity went away and left nothing but elegancy and sedateness which touches our heart.

Carrying a white Louis Vuitton handbags and wandering on the white beach of Naxos Island, maybe we can retrieve our lost innocence and find ourselves.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rock Kelly Osbourne with Rock Marc Jacobs

Ozzy family is strange enough, in addition to the head of the family Ozzy Osbourne, the Osborne, his wife, daughter, son are often seen on the front-page news. Apart from Kelly Osbourne addicted to drugs, his son Jack Osbourne has also spent also almost a year in the drug treatment center. It is just like the drugs exist in the blood of Osbourne family. Following her father Ozzy Osbourne and brother Jack, the older sister Kelly Osbourne has also entered a drug rehabilitation center.

Although you might be afraid of the entire drug addicted family, I still support the family. I am even a fan of this family. I began to like this family from the time when I happened to watch Osbourne’s family on MTV years ago. Yes, we all feel that they are very weird and there must be something wrong with them. I am not exaggerating and I am just telling the truth.

kelly osbourne is super rocker chic with marc jacobs

This time, we spot that Kelly Osbourne is holding a Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag. She often give us a chic impression with her rock style and the chic yet rock handbags. You know that Kelly Osbourne is the rebellious daughter of the heavy metal music industry veteran. In 2002, Kelly was officially brought into the song circle by her singer father, with "Papa Don't Preach" in July 2002 to enter the British Top 10 hits and the radio-on-demand of the United States. It was lucky enough to see Kelly Osbourne is on the last season of Dancing with the stars. She was so wonderful! Now I just have a wish in my heart. It would be good if I had had the chance to be a contestant. I must be very happy since I can keep close contact with Kelly Osbourne.

Juat take a look at her, at her side there is one friend walk along with her. I have ever wrote about this Fluorescent Tweed Bag in the blog Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag. It is brand-new. Here, Kelly Osbourne looks nothing special just like what she often looks. Maybe if the owner of the bag is a tender lady, it might looks feminine. If the bag is for a lovely girl, it might looks lovely and cute. But I think the Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag is rather chic and rock on the body of the rock Kelly Osbourne.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Louis Vuitton Underground Messenger with Foxtail

If Marc Jacobs has it his way, furry foxtails will be this season's equivalent to Miuccia Prada's robots. Certain A-list models and celebrities have already been spotted sporting the latest foxtial accessory attached to their Louis Vuitton 2010 spring runway bags, and I say go for it--if you've got the cash to spare. Louis Vuitton's spring runway pieces are mostly messenger-style bags, Underground Messenger, one of which is seen here on the gorgeous Elle Macpherson, but what I find funny is that given the propensity of wearers to sling these bags across their bodies, they end up looking like they have "bushy tails" thanks to where the bag ends up resting (right on the bum).

Monogram Underground Messenger Crme

I recently previewed these Louis Vuitton Underground Messenger with Foxtail at a private trunk show and while I did warm up to them more than I initially did when in Paris at the show, I'm not one to leave myself vulnerable to fashion ridicule (translation: I won't be adopting this trend). I do, however, applaud the folks at Louis Vuitton for making the foxtails--and the assorted other available accoutrement--both optional and detachable. Talk about versatility right? Not only will forgoing a foxtail more than make up for the tax on one of these four-figure carryalls, but should you get a foxtail, it can double as a keychain, a rearview mirror charm or even a duster for that fancy housewife out there.

The pricee for the Bag: $3,730; Foxtail: $1,120. It is not cheap. So I prefer that you choose some nice Louis Vuitton replica handbags on Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall at good price.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Louis Vuitton Mahina Surya XL Bag

Surya, a well-known Hindu mode of worship of the devotional movements, is done at the rising of the Sun, known as Sun Salutation. He represents soul, will-power, fame, general vitality, courage, highly placed persons and authority. His direction is summer. His hair and arms are gold. All elements combining together are Louis Vuitton hot summer line Louis Vuitton Mahina Surya XL in 2009.

Louis Vuitton Mahina Surya XL bag

Though it is a feminine and elegant handbag, it still exudes unutterable power and mightiness from its name-Surya, the King of the heavens. That is only Louis Vuitton dares to use this name as the bag name because Louis Vuitton is No.1 in the luxury handbag. Through more than a hundred years, Louis Vuitton keeps on the top over other luxury brands. The vintage design, perfect craftsmanship, and constant innovation help it catch more customers at different ages. Look no further than Louis Vuitton Mahina Surya XL. The simple shape but focused more details consistent of Louis Vuitton 2009 feature, the classic monogram pattern consistent of Louis Vuitton legend, the sophisticated pleat work consistent of body friendliness, matching with discreetly perforated patent leather, no wandering Louis Vuitton Mahina Surya is radiant as the divine king in this fashion season.

The radiant is not only its above points, but also its Surya leather. To pull up the grain, glossy and bright supple leather is drummed softly. No matter purple, brown, or black, its shiny color with edgy and modern golden brass hardware will be too obvious on the shelf. Open top with buckled strap and cross-band with signature push-lock closure, it is casual to adjust the size of the bag.

The measurment of Louis Vuitton Mahina Surya XL Bag is 29.5 inches in length, 12.8 inches in width, and 9.8 inches in height. The tote is versatile to who have a habit for carrying way too much. It is awesome, hefty, and gleaming. Please do not hesitate; Louis Vuitton has prepared what you wanted. So, what you will do next is own one for yourself.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Valentine's Day's Gift to You by Louis Vuitton

Have a headache to send to your lover in this Valentine's Day? Louis Vuitton has made full preparations for the Valentine's Day of 2010 with special presentation, gold drop ornament of Love Charms Series. It has Italian state of exquisite, size contrast ingenuity and it is colorful and attractive.

Louis Vuitton Love Charms Charm

For the 2010 Valentine's Day, in particular, Louis Vuitton presents seven series of Gold drop ornament of Love Charms Charm. Among so many, the well-selected is the heart-shaped "happy & angry" sapphire and gold ribbon fluorescent pink paint baking heart-shaped strap. Another small photo frame can store small pictures and romantic messages while the small glass bottles can also store hidden love for the same words. The gold diamond typewriter, pink and gold paint, red paint notebooks ink pen, bracelet for necklace pendants or stand-alone chained by seven sophisticated gadgets.

Louis Vuitton Love Charms Charm 2

Apart from the small accessories, Louis Vuitton also bring charming watches for us. Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram Vernis Pomme d'Amour integrate the auspicious colors, romantic poetry, clever visual effects with bright red Pomme d'Amour Monogram leather details. That is the way to celebrate the double ion for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.

The paragraph-ray pattern combined with red patent leather strap is the perfect medium sizeFizzy Heart Pomme d'Amour quartz watch. Fourty-seven diamonds piled to form the heart-shaped pattern, small size Monogram Vernis Pomme d'Amour quartz watch has an exquisite design and with hidden holographic Monogram floral texture. Different light has the perspective of a looming sense and sweet mind thus becomes self-evident.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Artsy

From the Spring-Summer 2010 Womens Louis Vuitton collection comes another Monogram Canvas bag that’s as widely anticipated as the Monogram Canvas Néo. Called the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Artsy, it is distinguished by a single vachetta shoulder strap that’s partially braided and a large roomy body. You can see this bag's photoes in Louis Vuitton 2010 spring-summer AD campaign by Lara Stone.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Artsy handbags

I’ll actually saw both sizes, the PM and the GM at the press presentation. I attended back in December of 2009 and I must say I was pretty impressed. Simply designed, it’s a bag that’s very here and now, one that any woman can use with ease from day to night. Size wise, it is also pretty ample. The PM comes in at 46 cm by 32 cm, while the GM measures 50 cm by 36 cm. It is big enough for dairy using. So it is really good connection for fashion and function.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Artsy 2

Slated for release very soon, I’m expecting this one to fly off the shelves as well, even if they do cost USD1500.00 and SGD1760.00 respectively for the PM and GM. But if you think these price is high, you can visit our online shop Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall to choose some cheaper  Louis Vuitton replica handbags for you.