Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prada Fiocchetto

Prada 2010 autumn and winter the new "Fiocchetto" shoes are available with variety of styles, such as the high heels, flat shoes, sandals and sandals. The common feature is a bow (Fiocchetto) decoration. Inspired by the 20th century, 50's pop culture, pointed, stiletto is the main features of "Fiocchetto" women shoes.

Prada "Fiocchetto" Women have a variety of materials to choose from, including patent leather, crocodile sticks, Rasi Silk Mill (radzmire) and embroidery and forging, as well as some models with the use of a number of materials, form a unique texture and color contrast.

The items designed for runway are mainly the thick wool with Prada Fiocchetto. However, the model's legs are obviously fatter than they are, it is still common to honestly wear stockings. And then with just over the knee loose skirt, and perhaps they themselves would feel like into the studio of "Mad Men".

The temperature slowly drops, sooner or later the streets has given way to dress cool change. Time to say good bye to the hot pants and short skirts. But for those who like to show off their beautiful legs, what about to complement with a pair of Prada Fiocchetto?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gucci New Bamboo leather Medium Tote

In stultifying and oldish style, this Gucci New Bamboo method Tote shows the noble standing of an stylish lady from huge society. It is relatively noble and gorgeous as a carry out result of its traditional GG material and some iconic embellishments. The outside pocket adorned using the bamboo detail especially refined in craftsmanship. The beige GG material of Gucci appears timeless even although in the style planet to make certain that it will be permanently appropriate available for you non-public just one of this. maybe merely because inside the bamboo handles, the bag appears like a basket, but stylish and stylish.

It is certainly a useful bag. I am satisfaction to introduce the versatility of the bag to you. owning a spacious ability of 13.8"L x 6.3"W x 11.8"H, it is especially huge enough for each evening use and even holiday travelling packing. look to the within zip and snap pockets and huge compartments. They provide you space to arrange huge pieces on top of that to tiny pieces. Considerately, bottom ft are developed to shield the Bordeaux leather-based trim inside the bag. I bet you will be cozy using the bag when carrying it using the double bamboo handles.

This Gucci New Bamboo method Tote arrives by means of the most latest Gucci 2010 Fall Winter Collection. for individuals that non-public of it, you just actions closely for that fashions inside the world. I think the beige GG material will be much more preferred through the subsequent fall and winter seasons.

Both the situation and pattern of the bag is really vintage and classic. Owning traditional custom made handbags especially Gucci handbags will be an fascinating thing. This bag is appropriate for the fall and winter days. Now how about deal with your do it yourself with this new Gucci bag after which appreciate your do it yourself with it?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Feel Free with Miu Miu Matellasse Tote

Coming as the latest model from Miu Miu, this Miu Miu Matellasse Tote enjoys a good reputation among young ladies. The blue one of this collection is my favorite bag among Miu Miu handbags. Miu Miu is an ideal brand for young fashionable ladies due to its youthful design and bright colors. Take this attractive blue of this Miu Miu Matellasse Tote for example. It looks just like a showy blue rose. In my eyes, blue roses are more precious and voluptuous than red roses. Made of blue Napa leather, it shows a flesh appearance with engraved gold hardware.

The D ring links attached to the double rolled handles make the bag shiny. Together with the gold hardware, they look harmonious with the whole blue bag. I found the press studs on two sides of the bag very interesting and funcitonal as I can use them to adjusst the capacity of the bag. This user-friendly bag also gives you a generous capacity with the size of 14"L x 5"W x 13"H. It would be spacious enough for your essential during your shopping.

Of course, it would be a good piece for office ladies thanks to its elegant blue color and graceful design. On the front, the small Miu Miu logo seems be more low key than other world famous brands. Open this Miu Miu bag with the snap closure which keeps your contents safe in the bag. Then you will see the bag is equipped with refined satin lining. With interior zip, PDA and cell phone pockets, your small things will be arranged neatly in the bag.

This Miu Miu bag is really ideal for young ladies. How about treat yourself with this bag with youthful vigor. I think it may bring high spirit and good mood to you. Holding the blue rolled handles, you would feel free with this gorgeous blue bag.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gucci's Gift to the Nations Children's Fund

With the snow and the coming of Christmas gift, this Gucci bag carries gratitude, joy and love. To celebrate this festival is to give the person you love, respect for people to express feelings of gratitude and best wishes to thank each other in this year, the efforts and hard, hope next year's harvest more happiness. Reward yourself, buy a gift for their physical and mental joy, and this is a gift years. It is not the severity of size of the gift that counts, but the appropriate gratitude, language and emotion.

The original intent of Christmas is ralated to thanksgiving. So Christmas is the best displays ofaffection, kindness Christmas holiday. When you see the Gucci launch by Christmas and New Year's charity products, you will feel the warmness. This accessory was designed by the Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini including two medium Gucci Joy handbag, a hand bag and wallet and a set of key chain ornaments.

The design of two Gucci bags is more funny than the Gucci bags we commonly come across. The body of it is decorated with decals and light fine print, inspired by a famous writer and illustrator Michael Roberts's unique work of comical drawing, so lovely. The series is put on sale in Gucci stores over 20 countries from November 16 to December 31 while 25% of sales revenue will contribute to the Nations Children's Fund, including the Chinese children who are affected by HIV.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gwen Stefani Looks Her Best with L.A.M.B Leather Bag

Gwen Stefani loves angle, music and her babies and thus I never worry if she would look bad with her L.A.M.B designer bags. This gorgeous Hollywood celeb and mom, together with Modanna and Sarah Jessica Parker, knows to dress cute when going out for shopping with their children.

Though Gwen Stefani is not as strong as Sarah Jessica Parker in choosing vivid printed bags, say, Gucci Snowman in Africa bag, she has another way to please her sons. She will greet the camera lens with quirky gesture or odd getup and gain Kingston and Zuma's lol with the awesome paparazzi's streetsnaps. This is in sharp contrast with Sarah Jessica Parker. I still remember how much I was terrified the moment I caught sight of SJP's witch-like grey coat and pants though her printed Gucci Joy Boston bag was pretty. Now I love this pic! Gwen Stefani appears so cute with casual tank top and slacks, paired with a black L.A.M.B leather tote.

Gwen Stefani can keep in splendid style even if she wears strong makeup. For instance, her lipsticked mouth is firey, yet it doesn't do harm to her chic. Her black leather tote is echoing her black slacks and sunglasses and she knows to breathe vividness to the ensemble by wearing colourful strappy sandals.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The World of Flowers—Fendi Peony Canvas Handbag

It seems that I have been in a world of wonderful flower when watching at this Fendi Peony Canvas Handbag. The painting of peony and light color setting of the bag is giving off a luxurious and fragrant feeling to us. I love the sweet pink color and the pictures of peony in light colors. As you know, peony is extremely popular in China both in the modern times and ancient times. Poets wrote forever poems to praise it. In a word, it is so popular and elegant in people’s eyes. Added the elegant element of peony, this bag appears distinguished and feminine among all designer handbags.

It is so vivid to see Fendi logo printed on the bag surface. The peony looks like real flowers in the garden. I just want to smell at it and touch it with my hand. Look at the flat creamy handles and lining where perfectly matches the whole bag. Do you notice that the four corners are reinforced by the creamy leather pads? It is so considerate for the designer to do so. I think it must be in high quality with this user-friendly design. Double flat handles with 10” drop in my eyes will be very comfortable for carrying.
I am satisfied with the zippered closure as I think this kind of closure is more convenient for me. Having an interior uncovered pocket, it offers me more capacity for small articles. Though spring has gone, this Fendi peony Canvas handbag brought me back to spring. I remember that last spring I once when a famous garden with diversity of flowers.

This bag makes me think of that sweet experience. Perhaps every woman has a story of her handbag. Handbags with special stories will absolutely be more valuable than other bags.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chanel Hits Saint Tropez with Chanel Cruise 2011

Come come! Have you got it? Chanel has released Saint Tropez beach on May 11. The French actor Pascal Greggory, Diane Kruger and boyfriend Joshua Jackson and Chanel spokesperson Vanessa Paradis, together with handsome Gaspard Ulliel, New York "It Girl" Leigh Lezark and Anna Mouglalis were all present. At the beginning part of the press conference, all the models appeared barefoot, coupled with slightly messy hair.

The Chanel models were just like fairies who wearing the flowing chiffon skirts, a pair of Jeans. The modern and the nostalgic feel do form a contrast with the theme. In the press conference, Karl Lagerfeld also said that Coco Chanel had ever been here and she also lived for many years in St. Tropez. His knowledge about the beach is like that of Paris.

The concept of "thin model" provokes criticism in the fashion industry. Chanel takes action to break the "thin is beautiful" myth and invites the western plump models to the catwalks. Ryan is a fat model who wears size 12. On that day she wore two sets on the women's runway, respectively are peach colored lace pants and black and white chiffon dress, which testified that even if the body was full, you can find your perfect Chanel outfits available in Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld said that Saint Tropez represented freedom includes clothes! In this spring, he films "God Created Woman" in Brigitte Badu for the Muses and set free passion and is expected to be listed in November.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shanghai, the New Platform of Christian Dior Cruise

Christian Dior is leaning more and more in China market. on May 15, Shanghai witnessed the carnival of Christian Dior. Numberous gorgeous supermodels in the whole Dior outfit, Stunned Shanghai strongly. The show coincided with the reopening of Dior’s revamped boutique in luxury shopping mall Plaza 66 and the inauguration of a retrospective exhibition. This is really the moment for Dior.

Compared with the long-standing adversary Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci, all of whom spare no effort to display their new jobs with obvious hint of appealing to Chinese during the period of 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Dior would rather be the constant executor of French flavour. As John Galliano,the Dior senior puts, " I know I'm with Chinese friends, but I don't think it necessary to convey the theme of Dior with the exaggerated exhibition of Chinese-inspired Dior works. Dior is the French Dior, Chinese would also be impressed with the savoir faire of France."
When asked regarding why Dior would choose Shanghai as a significant platform of Dior Cruise 2011, Galliano can't wait to release his confidence in China market, interestingly similar to the remarks by other big brands like Louis Vuitton, Galliano claims proudly that price is not a problem.

Moreover, Galliano comments that Shanghai ladies in many ways resemble French ladies. "I like the smart Shanghai women who are inborn with the talent of combining tradition and innovation.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gossip Girl Boom Celine

Phoebe Philo, the new design director of Celine, will put up the first series in the 15 Celine stores around the world.

Next year we will see that the concept of guidance from the Phoebe Philo boutiques. First of all, the flagship store in Montaigne Avenue Montaigne in Paris is refreshing. The company also develops the wholesale business. Now there are 250 worldwide partners. Wholesale, from the classic leather jacket to sell well. Celine Women business in the U.S. is very good. Phoebe Philo believed that the U.S. is an important market for Celine.

Phoebe Philo Celine said before and it will continue to adhere to the strategy, rely mainly on the retail system, and now Celine has 115 boutiques worldwide, accounting for 70% of sales. However, Internet sales will continue the road.

By the third season the "Gossip Girl" as if created a group of young and beautiful It Girl and It Boy, although the story is always far-fetched quarterly and make people worry that it will not go on the play. But dramatis personae of clothing and bags are becoming more and more hot. And the play made a star of the hottest models when the number of natural actress Serena in the second quarter recurring Celine in the same series of handbags, "Watch Me Work" and "Watch Me Move", even including her beautiful and elegant man, she is also a fan of Celine It Bag. In addition, a number of It Girl also hold a hot Dior Lady Dior, Miu Miu mosaic stripe bag, Chanel's 2.55, etc.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Halle Berry is Sexy with her Coach Editorial Zoe

Being a big fan of Coach, Hally Berry has always been blotted getting into Coach handbags upon assorted social occasion. And you acknowledge how come I care that? As she puts on what she desires, does not call for the greatest terminate designer at all details, and that takes her look more accessible. I recognize it is rather absurd to imagine Halle prefer to take a seat to enjoy a pushover with me and gossip, but I wouldlike she would be one of t he ladies that I could be everlasting acquaintances.
Halle was shoote carrying her white Coach Editorial Zoe handbag  merely fashionable in the summertime. An effective summertime bag can supply a brisk look to what you wear. More effective yet, whenever you prefer to append a handbag without dropping a bit much, Coach could be the flawless designer to consider.

Hally Berry has been rated as the most beautiful sexy woman and was named the Oscar winner. Once in a certain movie, the Bond girl was wearing a bikini out of the sea scene, then she became one of the most sexy star on the classic Hollywood screen. There is nothing to add to her perfect body and when she was a little child, she was a great beauty.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Kind of Customized Louis Vuitton

In your mind, what is travelling? As far as I am concerned, it seems to be a busy schedule, far away from home, the warm fire and the sweet and delicious soup. However, when you open the Louis Vuitton high couture travelling case, whether its small and cute body or the practicability, it is able to give you to take your time to sip the champagne and taste the high-class caviar. You are sure to love its cuteness and elegance. As if only a small beauty case, Louis Vuitton embossed leather can be wrapped in and gently turn on the spin button, you are sure to appreciate these delicate cutlery and cup, so elegant and amazing. Yet it is the style of this Louis Vuitton Case.

Recently, Louis Vuitton opened its Shanghai flagship store located in Hang Lung Plaza officially. It is among the world's first hand-studio, that is Louis Vuitton Atelier. The hand studio also exhibits a variety of special customized products, such as the specially customized mini-series that first appeared in China, which is used for placing champagne and allowing guests to enjoy the valuable and delicious caviar during traveling, etc. At the same time, the Shanghai hand-studio will provide personalized customization called made-to-order and custom-made, text and letter stamping to show the brand's unique and special customized services.

Do you feel it is a smart idea? Besides, Louis Vuitton also releases the Mon Monogram customization service. In that case, it must be to your liking.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hermes 2010 S/S Collection

Currently Hermes has 14 series of products, including leather goods, bags, scarves, men and women clothing lines, perfume, watches and so on. Most products are hand crafted, and no wonder some said Hermes products have profound thinking and high quality, rich in content, craft exquisite works of art as well. The fine works of Hermes melt into the fast-paced modern life by means of spreading in more than 200 stores, more than 20 countries and regions in the world. It just makes people return to the embrace of traditional elegance.

As a new year has come to us, we might as well also check what does Hermes bring us. 
Gabriele Pezzini, design director of Hermes, focus so much attention to this ergonomic travel best mate. It has unique features and also highlights the quality of appearance. Its outside is made of Brushed aluminum plating and the internal surface is reinforced with selected carbon and fiber B. In this way, he can fully create unparalleled abrasion resistance.

The Hermes suitcase features a natural leather handle, which makes  people immediately think the travelling world of Hermes.

The Hermes Arion adoptes a new sporty design. The adjustable handle with the two incisions can be handheld or carried across the body. Soft and light, in particular, it features a very spacious interior design.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Over-Priced Chanel Alligator Bag

Unlike other brands, Chanel is one of the major luxury brands that makes an entrance to the online market in a slow speed. Once Amanda involved in a topic about luxury families like Chanel making an slow entrance to the online sales including blogs and communities. There was a time when Chanel voids of a online site. It was until the recent days that Chanel began fliiling videos from their shows and upcoming products lines onto it. For those who are eager to do researching works it is a good idea.

Now I notice that what I am doing is more or less the same, I was completely attracted by a certain bag that almost by no means comes to me. It is the Chanel Classical Matte Alligator Bag which features a flap CC closure and interlaced chain. Chanel Classical Matte Alligator Bag just costs more than my luxury belongings and even my car.

It is a luxury Chanel purse and then I said it could never come to me if the price could not come down. A beautiful bag, is it? I love its size and it is easy to wear, the perfect size.

I have tried my best to look for a Chanel alligator and get one under my name. Well, Chanel Classical Matte Alligator Bag is just favourite here with the color that I have dreamed of for so long. I am positive that this kind of design is sure to be ever-lasting but being priced at $26,600, it just makes me step back.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Louis Vuitton Launches Taiga Collection

Louis Vuitton has recently released Spring men's Taiga series. Judged form its simple lines and designs, it is not difficult to find that the annual fashion trends tend to return to nature and simple led by the luxury brands. Even low-key is an essential element. The whole range of products including shoes, casual bags and wallets and other accessories with all in solid colors.
The ingeniue Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer collection is verified, such as the early cylinder bags, Boston bags. Louis Vuitton has introduced Gym Set and Taiga Collection in the same time, which is a shrewd way and it seems that Louis Vuitton tests comsumers' rationality.

Literarally, Louis Vuitton Gym Set is full of energy. In the sense of infinite physical strength, this kind of non-brifecase is really needed in streets.

Each time when I saw the first pictures of the Men's Spring/Summer collection 2010 I was attracted by the three new Taiga colours, that is Polaire, Boreal and Glacier. I collected all the pictures of them. Now that god bless me and the new Taiga collection of Louis Vuitton has come to me and I just want to make a trip to Milan to do crazy shopping.