Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Trend of Stars Designing Handbags

Nowadays the definition of "stars" is wider and wider. Top models, fashion icons are also included. In the meantime, the fact that stars design handbags shows their unknown personality and creativity. Actually, the name of stars is the biggest selling point.

The names of stars adding the craftsmanship of the brand is equal to a large magnet in the eyes of fashionistas. There is no need to worry the sales. In Paris Haute Corture Custom-Made Fashion Week this year, Bulgari "put" famous stars into bags.
Isabella Rossellini, the daughter of Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, designed a jewelry bag for Bvlgari. Isabella spent a good time in Bvlgari shop with her mother Ingrid Bergman when she was 10 years old.

This extremely retro jewelry bag is inspired by the early artworks of Parentesi jewelry collections and vintage antique bracelet. This bag express her love to her mother as well as her retro memory of 1960s. What's your opinion towards this star-made bag?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kate Moss×Longchamp Shows Classic

It is necessary to say that when it was at the first time that Kate Moss and the Longchamp joined hands together, the handbags launched by them were sought after by media and the public. However, at that time, Kate has been working on the next step. And this general direction is go to the 70's style.

"I have several 70's vintage handbags and they are purchased in a company called Florence. Longchamp Creative Director Sophie Kate Moss said that come and look at our database". Longchamp in the 70s was playing some splicing technology.
 There are three series that were launched formally, such as Neo Pure, Neo Patch and Neo Previous, which can reflect the style of Kate love classical, exotic and sparkling personality shaped handbags.

This leather is very soft. When you think of the most soft leather, three bright colors like gems, turquoise, ruby, sapphire colors and four different styles of bags, shopping bags, backpacks oblique, small side bags, Wristlet.

Coupled with the ultimate soft lambskin and decorated with a crocodile pattern strap metal, it reflects both its elegance and practicality of the characteristics.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hermes Kelly rock pigeon and 32 inch honey crocodile tote

The first station of Hermes leatherware cruise collection exhibition goes to Shanghai during September 5 to September 31. The ultra coveted  Hermes Kelly 32 inch honey toned bag made ofcrocodile and golden rock pigeon will make its first appearance, which is the highlight of the Hermes Shanghai leatherware display.

The sumptuous Hermes Kelly rock pigeon and 32 inch honey crocodile tote is designer by Hermes Paris House to state how much attention Hermes has paid to the 2010 global cruise collection exhibition. All the pricy designer handbags will look small besides the unique Hermes Kelly tote.

The paramount craftsmanship is all conveyed through the Hermes Kelly bag. Feather, rose gold and diamond come with crocodile yet they form a perfect whole. The honey toned crocodile part costs 4 days at Hermes Paris House. It's perforated and splendid. The golden rock pigeon feature at the facade of the bag is designed by Hermes CD Couli Jobert and completed by leather processor Lemarie by hand.

229 brown diamonds are inlaid at the rose gold clasp of the Hermes Birkin bag, topping off the incredible cozy luxe. All the skilled designers and workmen at Hermes Paris House consume one month in the whole bag, making it extremely elegant and sleek.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Winter Wardrobe of MO&Co. De Paris

The winter wardrobe of MO & Co. De Paris is full of imagination and individual taste of the universal fashion closet, and fascinating profile of the strong combination of attitude, so that modern neutral enjoy the release of personal style.

Meanwhile, the new high-end series of Edition 10 officially listed in a routine equipment and work wear to break the boundaries of the new concept of high fashion, high fashion personality play mix and match styles to create can easily control any time series of high fashion . Set to become an exciting boring work, installation of street has become more refined type, office look is no longer a suit, white shirt, stiff upright trousers, party occasions, more personal.

The new MO & Co. De Paris winter and Edition 10 series, concentrates all the desire for high fashion and the pursuit of personal style, whether it is free and easy silk shirt, the noble camel hair coat, futuristic pads straight skirt, bright warm fur coat ... ... are always a kind of effortless performance of fashion, "type", this "type" contains the essence of high fashion, high fashion of wearing the same time subvert the rule, whether it is high mix low in mix and match, or day to night hang out wearing the delimitation of the concept, all show a very interesting personality type.

For all those who love high fashion, personal style respect for people, this is the MO & Co. De Paris through the winter wardrobe with a fashion attitude. MO & Co. De Paris has also been more and more from designers, stylists, fashion editors, to belong to different professions, ages of fashion followers, to break the boundaries, across day and night and the occasion of the "type" of people in each cell into fashion dress in character, playing a part in this winter modern chic to your taste.