Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miu Miu Patent Ruffle

It’s a strange sensation to appearance at a image with the Miu Miu Patent Ruffle designer handbag and obtain a powerful perception that you have saw the bag (or a single like it) someplace days ago. It is certainly a dark patent satchel with girlish leather-based ruffles in pink and purple has to possess its personal distinctive feature from the luxury handbag market. Have I got it? Perhaps.

It took me a even though to determine precisely what this Miu Miu reminded me of, but I finally found it, that is the Marc Jacobs Vortex bag. It is made of the classic leather  but not patent, but the dark system topped with pink and purple ruffles is comparable enough for my bad small brain to confuse them.

It doesn't seem that how the Miu Miu designers have been inspired through the Marc Jacobs bag, but there are sufficient something in common to provide us all a good reminder that even a pretty quirky bag most likely resembles something else around within the big market. There is often not the case, as they mention in this way.

Miu Miu is renewed and focus on girly way. In this way, its Fall collection is refreshing and varied. This total idea might not be sensible for that very female, but I count that we’ll see at the very least an editor or fashionable toting it throughout style Week.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Generous Commuting Bag for OL

A simple commuter bag for you to shape the generous OL image and allows you to quickly integrate into the work environment. For you to network all over the trend of Japanese women bag, you choose the entry-level fashion OL Come now! The shape of waterproof canvas bag made of fabric, canvas bag with adjustable length, athletic OL who may consider this commuter bag Oh!

Navy blue canvas bag, scalable beam port design is very practical, the side bags can put some small parts, with this bag travel good oh!

The combination of very white and orange bags FEEL, OL nowadays have to pursue low-carbon life, environmental protection, environmental protection bag of the bag for this type of virtuous economic OL. Oh, it is perfect for business briefcase, classic black with a very simple design to show the image of the perfect charm OL dress.

Garcia black suit jacket with pants, a strong woman LOOK Oh! The bags use fabrics and leather with a comfortable made of thin package reflects the ladies with style.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Soft Handbags Are In-Trend

The shape and size of handbags, the basic is just a few. This season, big bags and small backpacks also popular. If you want to buy a big handbag, see our current recommendation section color: profile shape and material are very soft, tassels are for decoration. We always like large handbags, large handbags tough visible red for several quarters has had. This season, we recommend the charm of a more "invisible" light a large handbag. Semi-transparent black lace coat and put on bright colors with a soft tassel handbag, is equal to the playful, sexy and fun in the cause.

Whether fabric or leather, tough profile shape compared to the big bag, the soft, large bag usually lighter weight. Without sacrificing capacity and reduce the weight of your shoulders, what popular news than this one more enjoyable? First notice about the next issue we want to say this season's hottest back a small bag. Shareholders by the wind, big bag this season is no error in the luxury goods sector has a new Double Buckle Mulberry's big bag to prove it.

The printed fabric, decorated with leather tassels, tiny heart-shaped three-dimensional pattern, the overall color is very bright and pleasant spring to relax. So start a new package, a small vertical stripe suits and jeans will be able to go out, but remember that the new stamp put on flat shoes and panda pins yo. Asian girls small size handbag with large-capacity flexible packaging, to create a unique style.

Loose outline of a light gray coat and black short skirt dress has always been very safe, but in the short skirt of lace and lace trench coat at a little color to echo, so that your whole body shape is slightly sweet style of these OL wind. The one shoulder strap and body handbags, scientific name is called "HOBO", another great comeback season trend. Advantages at a glance: High capacity, light weight, high-quality leather is soft and can carry can be rolled back to the tassel with metal parts to improve the quality of a sense of handbags. Made of leather vertical fight, and gave such an increase in the young a sense of handbags.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Louis Vuitton Favors Him

Louis Vuitton autumn and winter accessories bohemian by a group of musicians who perform the amazing academic rock style. Photos in the band Maroon 5 Mickey Madden filmed at home. Classic Leopard Scarf, cat's eye style sunglasses, a wide belt decorated rivet, and even colorful fashion accessories, Louis Vuitton 157 years of craftsmanship and the young musicians of the U.S. West Coast temperament, integrate into a different kind of uninhibited style. Louis Vuitton fancy band is Maroon 5's music.

In the hot California sun, Louis Vuitton autumn and winter accessories bohemian by a group of musicians who perform the amazing academic rock style. Photos in the band Maroon 5 Mickey Madden home in the film was finished, Nathalie Love, "The Like" the band's Z Berg, Jason Boesel and other wear from the classic Louis Vuitton leopard scarf, cat's eye style sunglasses, a wide belt decorated rivet, and even colorful fashion accessories. Louis Vuitton 157 years of craftsmanship and the young musicians of the U.S. West Coast temperament, integrate into a different kind of uninhibited style.

Band formed in Los Angeles in 1994, when the members or five high school students. Perhaps the Beginning of adolescence and the yearning for the initial band name is KARA Flower. But the high school fleeting glory and honor, after all, five people to continue to develop. Later, they launched the record company's album REPRISE "THE FOURTH WORLD" ("Fourth World"), the reaction flat. You had better know the words to how much pressure they brought in the United States, in addition to the real big stars outside, most of the artist's life very general, for their own musical ideals, but also doing their own day do not like something, we must bow down to a bag of bread.

MAROON 5 did warm up the guests, a bar with bands, business performance, touring and so on and so forth. Five young people hovering at the crossroads, not knowing where to go. Featuring their works "SONGS ABOUT JANE" ("The Love Song written for Jenny") was also placed on record store was quiet and no one cares more than a year. More than a year of silence, the opportunity finally came, this letter for the former girlfriend of the heart of the eye picked up by a broker, sizzling up and pass the examination in the major U.S. radio stations.

The big break in 2004 they began to harvest of the year, even the mainstream music market, the benchmark also favored the group insisted the Grammy ideal young man, the 2005 session of the best new artist trophy BEST NEW ARTIST sent to their hands. ADAM at the ceremony, singer, not without complaint sigh: "Two days ago, is our 11th anniversary of the band formed, and today we won the Best Newcomer Award, which is very funny."

Monday, October 11, 2010

Paris Grand Palais to Watch the Chanel Spring-Summer 2011

October 5, released the Paris Grand Palais-CHANEL Spring-Summer 2011 haute couture line. This shows in the Grand Palais in Paris and 84 models have appeared in recent years is the largest conference in the model one. Conference site is also a star-studded, Keira Knightley Chanel Coco perfume spokesmen, are invited to attend a big show of the field. Go take a look at this grand occasion it! Stella Tennant, 90's supermodel, represents CHANEL2011 Chun Xia Daxiu go opening.

Exciting than this, before the big show, supermodel Coco Rocha in their own micro-Bo broke the news: Inès de la Fressange, Karl's muse in the 1980s will return CHANEL show field - this conference live music by an orchestra of 80 musicians playing live together - each model will be five minutes in the live show!

Stella Tennant served as Chanel Spring-Summer 1996 Haute large series of promotional models protagonist; Inès de la Fressange worked Chanel autumn and winter of 1987 set uniform series of high-level catwalk.

Into the show, greeted by a fountain, three French, black lava rock and white sand composed of black and white large garden. It seems, CHANEL this year's big show is determined to be "magnificent" to the limit. Karl Lagerfeld is not only the entire venue into a maze of details of the office is distinctive: the floor of black and white color with subtle echoes the classic CHANEL.

Supermodel Coco Rocha's broke the news as, this conference is live music is really an orchestra of 80 musicians from live performance, by Thomas Roussel arranger and conductor.

CHANEL2011 spring and summer venue layout design style is more ambitious than the atmosphere, especially this pink feather wear, silk and feathers intertwined, fine embroidery, work of ingenuity, is simply a series of elegance CHANEL Haute reproduction.

This eye-catching feather dress, attracted many international fashion critic key recommendation of its author "the feeling of flying."

Friday, October 8, 2010

Louis Vuitton is up!

Most stores in France announced in advance time off two weeks after closing shop, luxury leather goods brand Louis Vuitton (LouisVuitton) and the implementation of fare increases on certain products, according to sources told Agence France-Presse said, because "raw material prices pressure."

According to the sources, the increase mainly related to the French market, increases from "zero to 10%", "best-selling handbag is 9%," such as Monogram canvas.

Brand Bestsellers Monogram canvas price from 460-2600 euros.
Agence France-Presse on Thursday this query, Louis Vuitton (LVMH Group) refused to confirm the relevant information, but also do not want to comment on this.

Involved in the current prices of raw materials used in jewelry industry, gold and palladium. But also involved in cotton and leather. The source said the increase in the latter two are "more than 50%." The source said, "shut shop for an hour in advance is to maintain the quality of production in France, while raw materials prices rose in response to the price."

Louis Vuitton, LVMH Group's previously announced starting from September 13 to November 30 period in France ahead of the majority of stores will close for an hour every day, because stocks, worried that there was no before Christmas goods supply situation.

Global luxury giant LVMH announced first half net profit in July recorded a 53% increase, mainly due to increase in sales, especially Louis Vuitton handbag hot selling.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gucci Fall/Winter 2010 Women Ready-To-Wear

Frida Giannini said she was grown, so this is designed for more mature women, to some extent it is for her own. She was 38 years old, almost not really middle-aged, but this season we see that her designs have something like Stella McCartney, peaceful and relaxed, and no longer want to achieve the cool sense of fashion. The beginning of the conference was cream and dove from head to toe. The nude color make people feel quiet.

They are tailor to fit the dresses. The ostrich feathers and slender suede patchwork coat also pair with the same color of opaque tights and shoes. Then, Giannini gave up the market for seasonal epidemics and focus more and more on the trousers. This is her forte single product, yet cutting is the most outstanding, with coats and fur jackets splicing blend day dress is stunning example of self-confidence.

Giannini refered the brand of 90's and 60's history. So, we have to refer to a person. He is Tom Ford. But Giannini only applied to his early high boots cut trousers and double-G logo. Giannini's trousers, slim and crisp, just enough to cover the width of the foot, very accurate. The cut is also very lovable hip (after all, this is the decisive place), with a fox fur vest lined suede jacket-A, or the blending wool leather jacket, elegant and charming.

As for the dresses, Giannini's design turned to a little longer with the wrapped leg suede boots have been extended to the bottom edge of the skirt, sexy but not pushy. It is the way that Giannini interpreted Gucci of this season for us.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Vogue in the Past

At the moment when retro tide is pandemic, people have interest in vintage clothing when there is no thought of the last century's fashion magazine cover look like it? VOGUE China in the 5th anniversary celebration of the upcoming series, let us recall the old eight-ninety years ago the cover of it!

10,20 years last century, new art movement in Europe developed to the peak of the era. The cover of VOGUE at that time, but also filled with new art style, and many more posters style appears. This one is a 3-monthly in 1919, this delicate, complex style magazine cover poster of 20 years in the mid-20th century, dominated the 20th century and has been extended to 50 years. 1920 1 issue. The poster-style cover of the magazine cover on the very few words, his pursuit of the integrity of the cover, if language would cover the whole point of appealing to transfer of the cover, which would make meaningless well-designed cover .

4, 1920 issue. Art Nouveau style known for their smooth, graceful lines of the use of organic shape and image of women is full of beauty known. This style of architecture, furniture and clothing, patterns and text design. This is the July 1921 cover of VOGUE, in that era, the most influential figures of the picture is not, but the illustrations, this illustration, a deep and style of Art Nouveau period.

Paintings of women with graceful lines, dressed in Rococo style clothing, and for the generous use of color. But in addition to Issues and name, the cover does not cover language, making the whole picture is more complete.