Saturday, December 10, 2011

Balenciaga Spring 2011

Balenciaga Spring 2011 is kicking off their texture Series! In the beginning of Spring 2011 we begged for your ideas about the Balenciaga Spring 2011. As you know that Balenciaga motorcycle bag has been always famous. And the Balenciaga Spring 2011 has something different from the signature Balenciaga bag.

With the Balenciaga motorcycle bag garnering the most votes, Balenciaga Spring 2011 ended up being the ones to give away to win a the hearts of Balenciaga fans.

This collection is completely wearable. And most of them feature the texture feel. It has a bright pop of color and add dimensionality.

Not only was I able to include the ideas of you on this collection, but also I have teamed up with friends to giveaway the Balenciaga Spring 2011.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Louis Vuitton Monogram My Deer Enigme Bag Surprises You

Have you actually experienced the gentle sensation of deer leather bag? A louis vuitton small ring agenda refill will certainly surprise you. The one is crafted in attractive gentle deerskin leather with slight glister. The bag is endowed with an innovative design. We take a look at those people 5 polished metallic padlocks. The locks will provide you with a warm feeling.

But I think the dark piping does not go with the red-colored leather. A golden piping will go much better using the red-colored color, or just don't pipe. There is really a zipped compartment all through the middle. The measurement of the Louis Vuitton Monogram My Deer!Enigme Bag is 10.8" x 5.5" x 3.1".
Because the locks possess a good offer weight, the flap closure will not be quickly opened. This delicate and revolutionary evening clutch will certainly take you in the direction of concentrating people's chatting.

You will require satisfaction in the Louis Vuitton planet in so loads of very helpful articles. Like Louis Vuitton Monogram My Deer Enigme Bag, louis vuitton coin purse may be also a delicate piece. It is worth your money.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MULTY Handbag by YSL

I remember when Joey Yung in September this year to Paris to watch the YSL spring and summer 2011, when in addition to creative director Stefano Pilati by the brand Special Edition 24 of her white dress selected outside the combat clothing on, he made a  MULTY costume casual handbag wear purposes.

Entitled MULTY handbag series, available in large numbers and the two models, with shoulder strap handbag (Hobo Shape) The design is very practical and suitable for urban casual wear costume.

This autumn and winter, in addition to adding seasonal color, such as blue, purple, white patent leather and python version, but also introduced a 10 colors to choose from ostrich skin MULTY, only 1-2 per color, and only Available in Hong Kong, sold $ 69,000 each.

Of all the handbags we’ve seen from YSL in the past (and they are numerous, believe me), this MULTY handbag is easily my favorite.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

MBT Canvas Low Top Sneakers

What do working mothers need desperately when facing the tough challenge imposed by their naughty kids? Lumbersome lace up combat boots, say, the ED Hardy skeleton printed boots worn by Agyness Deyn is not what they take into account, cause they're not promoting scooters and they needn't be that cool.

Nor do they want a pair of Timberland work boots since they're not carefree Nicky Hilton who take a stroll all over the world to express some Western explorer spirit. These kind diligent moms just call for most simple styles that offer convinience so that they can better take care of their children. So they really have to turn to lovely MBT canvas low top sneakers for help.

Even if their kids lean on them and scratching screaming like Jessica Alba's dear girl Honor Marie sometimes does, with a pair of slim splendid MBT canvas low top sneakers mothers save much bother. The white laces cling to the shoes, nearly unable to get loose. Therefore moms don't need to worry if they have to crouch and retie the laces under the troublesome situation where the kids keep on crying.

The two-toned MBT canvas sneakers go with other outfits easily. They have no problem getting well along with grey cargo slacks and whatever casual tank top. If wearing other sneakers with sophisticated design and exaggerated embroidery, moms still have to consider the dreadful mix-and-match issue. That's impossible, they can't afford to do that. Correspondingly a pair of versatile blue-and-white MBT canvas sneakers cater to them. They are the most considerate sneakers.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Original Project for Prada Foundation

The artist is from California and came up with an idea for the Prada Foundation, a completely original project. It is called The Giacometti Variation. It consises of a series of large-scale figure sculptures.

Obviously, the project was inspired by the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti whp had a rich imagination. The sculpture "models" are wearing all kinds of clothes that have personally designed by Baldessari, like a static fashion show.

The exhibition captures the concept of integration and dialogue between art and fashion. The subtle effects between models and sculptures become attracted to each other and exchange the declaration.
The artist himself describes the logical meaning of the project, "I have always wanted to do high painting and sculpture exhibitions. I suspect that this may have something to do with my height. I have in mind is the creative idea that I made to the Prada Foundation.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Does Hermes Develop Its BusinessHow Does Hermes Develop Its Business

Despite the current weak global economic conditions, but the par Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas, said sales of the brand's handbags are in a "huge over-demand " status. To keep up with market demand, they have begun to operate in Australia, crocodile breeding farm.

Patrick Thomas, said annual production of 3,000 crocodile skin handbags, the Hermes is a much more difficult. 3-4 can do a crocodile handbag, customers sometimes wait years before they buy a crocodile skin, light skin so that a cost of up to 48,410 dollars.

Hermes leather products accounted for forty percent of business in the current recession is the most robust operating conditions, the company added 50-100 were leather workers this year, the French factory has always had more than 2,000 workers.

Patrick Thomas, said the group has been promoting other areas of business, such as clothing and textiles, so it is not dependent on the bag, but it still is its fastest growing product line. He said: "We can not face excessive demand for large-scale handbag. we have to take a limited ability to develop new master craftsman."

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Louis Vuitton Suhali Leather L Ingenieux

When I noticed Louis Vuitton Suhali leatherette L Ingenieux within the instead significant time, I believed of Louis Vuitton Monogram Watercolor Speedy body tote provided that they have instead comparable shape. The very best closure is much just like a aspect of the body which could be really compact and reliable.

The internal of Louis Vuitton Suhali leatherette L Ingenieux is completely lined with micro Monogram satin. there is obviously only one internal budget to sustain your budget or cellphone. Holding the dimension of 12.6″x 7.9″ x 5.9″, the tote can support numerous your respective daily essentials.

Four rectangular studs with Louis Vuitton initials all through the bottom within the tote can stop your tote from minor scrapes.

you could sustain the tote in hands easily while using rounded buff double handles. The tote capabilities tinted trimmings with discreet contrasting topstitching, which exudes potent feminine charm.

Aren’t you delighted with Louis Vuitton Suhali buff L Ingenieux? If not, we now feature an extremely large amount of content material articles about Louis Vuitton handbags, i am picked you could uncover your aspiration item within the end. quite possibly you could just like a informal however stylish louis vuitton cabas raye gm.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nico Assatly: Silver Bells

Nico Assatly: Silver Bells

ļ¼©like the Louis Vuitton and Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Items

To own one Louis Vuitton handbag, even just a wallet, is a goal of many female fashion pilgrims. When lovely mushroom girl walks on the wallet, the wallets become more covetable.

Referring to creativeness about mushroom, the crazy colorful mushroom and mushroom clouds are the most eye-catching. These are Takashi Muradami's totems. The three-dimensional mushrooms are reminiscent of mushroom shaped buildings in kindergarten or parks.

If you miss the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Collection, hunt for this 2007 mushroom cartoon collection. They are definitely successful attention-grabbers.

When you see the "Miss Marc" collection released by Marc by Marc Jacobs in early spring in 2008, you must have an idea to go on a trip. Except for bags, there are T-shirts and loose little pants. I'm sure you cannot resist the temptation of going to the seaside. Isn't the fat bikini girl very cute?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kate Moss and Her Luminous Green Mulberry Bayswater Bag

Kate Moss was shot to wear a Mulberry Bayswater bag crafted in luminous green crocodile leather. This is a customized bag at the price of 7,000 pounds. Since more than two years ago Mulberry has already had customized leather bag service.

Customers can choose six classic Mulberry bags to customize: Ledbury, East West Bayswater, Bayswater, Piccadilly, Brynmore and Calder. There are several leathers available including metallic glossy leather and ostrich leather. But there is no crocodile leather.
As a part of customizing service, the metallic pieces can be engraved with initials of names of customers. You can also choose charged-extra leather accessories engraved initials. Isn't it very attractive?

Usually it will take six to eight weeks from booking to delivery of the Mulberry bags. Rumor has it that most of Mulberry leather products are made in China. But the brand says that all of these luxury products are hand made in factories in Somerst, Britain.