Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Does Hermes Develop Its BusinessHow Does Hermes Develop Its Business

Despite the current weak global economic conditions, but the par Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas, said sales of the brand's handbags are in a "huge over-demand " status. To keep up with market demand, they have begun to operate in Australia, crocodile breeding farm.

Patrick Thomas, said annual production of 3,000 crocodile skin handbags, the Hermes is a much more difficult. 3-4 can do a crocodile handbag, customers sometimes wait years before they buy a crocodile skin, light skin so that a cost of up to 48,410 dollars.

Hermes leather products accounted for forty percent of business in the current recession is the most robust operating conditions, the company added 50-100 were leather workers this year, the French factory has always had more than 2,000 workers.

Patrick Thomas, said the group has been promoting other areas of business, such as clothing and textiles, so it is not dependent on the bag, but it still is its fastest growing product line. He said: "We can not face excessive demand for large-scale handbag. we have to take a limited ability to develop new master craftsman."

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