Monday, November 15, 2010

Hermes Kelly rock pigeon and 32 inch honey crocodile tote

The first station of Hermes leatherware cruise collection exhibition goes to Shanghai during September 5 to September 31. The ultra coveted  Hermes Kelly 32 inch honey toned bag made ofcrocodile and golden rock pigeon will make its first appearance, which is the highlight of the Hermes Shanghai leatherware display.

The sumptuous Hermes Kelly rock pigeon and 32 inch honey crocodile tote is designer by Hermes Paris House to state how much attention Hermes has paid to the 2010 global cruise collection exhibition. All the pricy designer handbags will look small besides the unique Hermes Kelly tote.

The paramount craftsmanship is all conveyed through the Hermes Kelly bag. Feather, rose gold and diamond come with crocodile yet they form a perfect whole. The honey toned crocodile part costs 4 days at Hermes Paris House. It's perforated and splendid. The golden rock pigeon feature at the facade of the bag is designed by Hermes CD Couli Jobert and completed by leather processor Lemarie by hand.

229 brown diamonds are inlaid at the rose gold clasp of the Hermes Birkin bag, topping off the incredible cozy luxe. All the skilled designers and workmen at Hermes Paris House consume one month in the whole bag, making it extremely elegant and sleek.


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