Friday, November 5, 2010

Winter Wardrobe of MO&Co. De Paris

The winter wardrobe of MO & Co. De Paris is full of imagination and individual taste of the universal fashion closet, and fascinating profile of the strong combination of attitude, so that modern neutral enjoy the release of personal style.

Meanwhile, the new high-end series of Edition 10 officially listed in a routine equipment and work wear to break the boundaries of the new concept of high fashion, high fashion personality play mix and match styles to create can easily control any time series of high fashion . Set to become an exciting boring work, installation of street has become more refined type, office look is no longer a suit, white shirt, stiff upright trousers, party occasions, more personal.

The new MO & Co. De Paris winter and Edition 10 series, concentrates all the desire for high fashion and the pursuit of personal style, whether it is free and easy silk shirt, the noble camel hair coat, futuristic pads straight skirt, bright warm fur coat ... ... are always a kind of effortless performance of fashion, "type", this "type" contains the essence of high fashion, high fashion of wearing the same time subvert the rule, whether it is high mix low in mix and match, or day to night hang out wearing the delimitation of the concept, all show a very interesting personality type.

For all those who love high fashion, personal style respect for people, this is the MO & Co. De Paris through the winter wardrobe with a fashion attitude. MO & Co. De Paris has also been more and more from designers, stylists, fashion editors, to belong to different professions, ages of fashion followers, to break the boundaries, across day and night and the occasion of the "type" of people in each cell into fashion dress in character, playing a part in this winter modern chic to your taste.

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