Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Valentine's Day's Gift to You by Louis Vuitton

Have a headache to send to your lover in this Valentine's Day? Louis Vuitton has made full preparations for the Valentine's Day of 2010 with special presentation, gold drop ornament of Love Charms Series. It has Italian state of exquisite, size contrast ingenuity and it is colorful and attractive.

Louis Vuitton Love Charms Charm

For the 2010 Valentine's Day, in particular, Louis Vuitton presents seven series of Gold drop ornament of Love Charms Charm. Among so many, the well-selected is the heart-shaped "happy & angry" sapphire and gold ribbon fluorescent pink paint baking heart-shaped strap. Another small photo frame can store small pictures and romantic messages while the small glass bottles can also store hidden love for the same words. The gold diamond typewriter, pink and gold paint, red paint notebooks ink pen, bracelet for necklace pendants or stand-alone chained by seven sophisticated gadgets.

Louis Vuitton Love Charms Charm 2

Apart from the small accessories, Louis Vuitton also bring charming watches for us. Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram Vernis Pomme d'Amour integrate the auspicious colors, romantic poetry, clever visual effects with bright red Pomme d'Amour Monogram leather details. That is the way to celebrate the double ion for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.

The paragraph-ray pattern combined with red patent leather strap is the perfect medium sizeFizzy Heart Pomme d'Amour quartz watch. Fourty-seven diamonds piled to form the heart-shaped pattern, small size Monogram Vernis Pomme d'Amour quartz watch has an exquisite design and with hidden holographic Monogram floral texture. Different light has the perspective of a looming sense and sweet mind thus becomes self-evident.

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