Saturday, January 30, 2010

Louis Vuitton Underground Messenger with Foxtail

If Marc Jacobs has it his way, furry foxtails will be this season's equivalent to Miuccia Prada's robots. Certain A-list models and celebrities have already been spotted sporting the latest foxtial accessory attached to their Louis Vuitton 2010 spring runway bags, and I say go for it--if you've got the cash to spare. Louis Vuitton's spring runway pieces are mostly messenger-style bags, Underground Messenger, one of which is seen here on the gorgeous Elle Macpherson, but what I find funny is that given the propensity of wearers to sling these bags across their bodies, they end up looking like they have "bushy tails" thanks to where the bag ends up resting (right on the bum).

Monogram Underground Messenger Crme

I recently previewed these Louis Vuitton Underground Messenger with Foxtail at a private trunk show and while I did warm up to them more than I initially did when in Paris at the show, I'm not one to leave myself vulnerable to fashion ridicule (translation: I won't be adopting this trend). I do, however, applaud the folks at Louis Vuitton for making the foxtails--and the assorted other available accoutrement--both optional and detachable. Talk about versatility right? Not only will forgoing a foxtail more than make up for the tax on one of these four-figure carryalls, but should you get a foxtail, it can double as a keychain, a rearview mirror charm or even a duster for that fancy housewife out there.

The pricee for the Bag: $3,730; Foxtail: $1,120. It is not cheap. So I prefer that you choose some nice Louis Vuitton replica handbags on Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall at good price.

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