Friday, January 15, 2010

Pure Prada Ivory Saffiano Briefcase

The moment when I came across it, the first impression that I had was how pure it was and how blue the sky is. Not knowing what I am talking about? I am talking about a Prada handbag. The full name for it is Prada Ivory Saffiano Bi-Fold Zip Briefcase. Firstly, I like its bright and simple appearance. It has soft and smooth lines and also has a meaning of business. Don't you think it elegant and business-like? I have always been fond of a dazzling and functional briefcase. Here I got it.

Prada lvory saffiano bifold zip briefcase bag

The saffiano calfskin is overshadowed by the silvertone hardware. The briefcase has a bi-fold front pocket and a zip closure. Perfect for what? I think it is very useful when you grab the presentation you have already prepared. There are three front leather lined compartments used for holding pens, patchs and cards. To be more simple, the demensions is 16” x 11?” x 3”. With this simple and functionl briefcase, you can have all your stuff in it just like the traditional ones. What is more, compared with the traditional ones, it has something forward, that is the fashion sense. , but it is a touch more fashion forward.

What puzzles me most is whether this briefcase is designed for emn or ladies or both. As for the color, maybe it is more proper for women. But it is also ok with men. I know for a large number of men, they probably choose the color of black or brown instead of white. But as for the large enough measurement, I think it might larger for women. I just don't want to take more note of the question. I just want to carry it and want to see others carry as well. I will be also curious about whether it has other colors. I am waiting to see and I am so eager now.

Nowadays, people are used to walking in fast speed. They all walk with a purpose and power. Only this Prada Ivory Saffiano Bi-Fold Zip Briefcase handbags can make me see the pure side of the society.

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