Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miu Miu Patent Ruffle

It’s a strange sensation to appearance at a image with the Miu Miu Patent Ruffle designer handbag and obtain a powerful perception that you have saw the bag (or a single like it) someplace days ago. It is certainly a dark patent satchel with girlish leather-based ruffles in pink and purple has to possess its personal distinctive feature from the luxury handbag market. Have I got it? Perhaps.

It took me a even though to determine precisely what this Miu Miu reminded me of, but I finally found it, that is the Marc Jacobs Vortex bag. It is made of the classic leather  but not patent, but the dark system topped with pink and purple ruffles is comparable enough for my bad small brain to confuse them.

It doesn't seem that how the Miu Miu designers have been inspired through the Marc Jacobs bag, but there are sufficient something in common to provide us all a good reminder that even a pretty quirky bag most likely resembles something else around within the big market. There is often not the case, as they mention in this way.

Miu Miu is renewed and focus on girly way. In this way, its Fall collection is refreshing and varied. This total idea might not be sensible for that very female, but I count that we’ll see at the very least an editor or fashionable toting it throughout style Week.

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