Monday, October 4, 2010

Vogue in the Past

At the moment when retro tide is pandemic, people have interest in vintage clothing when there is no thought of the last century's fashion magazine cover look like it? VOGUE China in the 5th anniversary celebration of the upcoming series, let us recall the old eight-ninety years ago the cover of it!

10,20 years last century, new art movement in Europe developed to the peak of the era. The cover of VOGUE at that time, but also filled with new art style, and many more posters style appears. This one is a 3-monthly in 1919, this delicate, complex style magazine cover poster of 20 years in the mid-20th century, dominated the 20th century and has been extended to 50 years. 1920 1 issue. The poster-style cover of the magazine cover on the very few words, his pursuit of the integrity of the cover, if language would cover the whole point of appealing to transfer of the cover, which would make meaningless well-designed cover .

4, 1920 issue. Art Nouveau style known for their smooth, graceful lines of the use of organic shape and image of women is full of beauty known. This style of architecture, furniture and clothing, patterns and text design. This is the July 1921 cover of VOGUE, in that era, the most influential figures of the picture is not, but the illustrations, this illustration, a deep and style of Art Nouveau period.

Paintings of women with graceful lines, dressed in Rococo style clothing, and for the generous use of color. But in addition to Issues and name, the cover does not cover language, making the whole picture is more complete.

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