Monday, October 18, 2010

Soft Handbags Are In-Trend

The shape and size of handbags, the basic is just a few. This season, big bags and small backpacks also popular. If you want to buy a big handbag, see our current recommendation section color: profile shape and material are very soft, tassels are for decoration. We always like large handbags, large handbags tough visible red for several quarters has had. This season, we recommend the charm of a more "invisible" light a large handbag. Semi-transparent black lace coat and put on bright colors with a soft tassel handbag, is equal to the playful, sexy and fun in the cause.

Whether fabric or leather, tough profile shape compared to the big bag, the soft, large bag usually lighter weight. Without sacrificing capacity and reduce the weight of your shoulders, what popular news than this one more enjoyable? First notice about the next issue we want to say this season's hottest back a small bag. Shareholders by the wind, big bag this season is no error in the luxury goods sector has a new Double Buckle Mulberry's big bag to prove it.

The printed fabric, decorated with leather tassels, tiny heart-shaped three-dimensional pattern, the overall color is very bright and pleasant spring to relax. So start a new package, a small vertical stripe suits and jeans will be able to go out, but remember that the new stamp put on flat shoes and panda pins yo. Asian girls small size handbag with large-capacity flexible packaging, to create a unique style.

Loose outline of a light gray coat and black short skirt dress has always been very safe, but in the short skirt of lace and lace trench coat at a little color to echo, so that your whole body shape is slightly sweet style of these OL wind. The one shoulder strap and body handbags, scientific name is called "HOBO", another great comeback season trend. Advantages at a glance: High capacity, light weight, high-quality leather is soft and can carry can be rolled back to the tassel with metal parts to improve the quality of a sense of handbags. Made of leather vertical fight, and gave such an increase in the young a sense of handbags.

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