Monday, February 1, 2010

Rock Kelly Osbourne with Rock Marc Jacobs

Ozzy family is strange enough, in addition to the head of the family Ozzy Osbourne, the Osborne, his wife, daughter, son are often seen on the front-page news. Apart from Kelly Osbourne addicted to drugs, his son Jack Osbourne has also spent also almost a year in the drug treatment center. It is just like the drugs exist in the blood of Osbourne family. Following her father Ozzy Osbourne and brother Jack, the older sister Kelly Osbourne has also entered a drug rehabilitation center.

Although you might be afraid of the entire drug addicted family, I still support the family. I am even a fan of this family. I began to like this family from the time when I happened to watch Osbourne’s family on MTV years ago. Yes, we all feel that they are very weird and there must be something wrong with them. I am not exaggerating and I am just telling the truth.

kelly osbourne is super rocker chic with marc jacobs

This time, we spot that Kelly Osbourne is holding a Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag. She often give us a chic impression with her rock style and the chic yet rock handbags. You know that Kelly Osbourne is the rebellious daughter of the heavy metal music industry veteran. In 2002, Kelly was officially brought into the song circle by her singer father, with "Papa Don't Preach" in July 2002 to enter the British Top 10 hits and the radio-on-demand of the United States. It was lucky enough to see Kelly Osbourne is on the last season of Dancing with the stars. She was so wonderful! Now I just have a wish in my heart. It would be good if I had had the chance to be a contestant. I must be very happy since I can keep close contact with Kelly Osbourne.

Juat take a look at her, at her side there is one friend walk along with her. I have ever wrote about this Fluorescent Tweed Bag in the blog Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag. It is brand-new. Here, Kelly Osbourne looks nothing special just like what she often looks. Maybe if the owner of the bag is a tender lady, it might looks feminine. If the bag is for a lovely girl, it might looks lovely and cute. But I think the Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Bag is rather chic and rock on the body of the rock Kelly Osbourne.

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