Saturday, September 4, 2010

Louis Vuitton Launches Taiga Collection

Louis Vuitton has recently released Spring men's Taiga series. Judged form its simple lines and designs, it is not difficult to find that the annual fashion trends tend to return to nature and simple led by the luxury brands. Even low-key is an essential element. The whole range of products including shoes, casual bags and wallets and other accessories with all in solid colors.
The ingeniue Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer collection is verified, such as the early cylinder bags, Boston bags. Louis Vuitton has introduced Gym Set and Taiga Collection in the same time, which is a shrewd way and it seems that Louis Vuitton tests comsumers' rationality.

Literarally, Louis Vuitton Gym Set is full of energy. In the sense of infinite physical strength, this kind of non-brifecase is really needed in streets.

Each time when I saw the first pictures of the Men's Spring/Summer collection 2010 I was attracted by the three new Taiga colours, that is Polaire, Boreal and Glacier. I collected all the pictures of them. Now that god bless me and the new Taiga collection of Louis Vuitton has come to me and I just want to make a trip to Milan to do crazy shopping.

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