Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Kind of Customized Louis Vuitton

In your mind, what is travelling? As far as I am concerned, it seems to be a busy schedule, far away from home, the warm fire and the sweet and delicious soup. However, when you open the Louis Vuitton high couture travelling case, whether its small and cute body or the practicability, it is able to give you to take your time to sip the champagne and taste the high-class caviar. You are sure to love its cuteness and elegance. As if only a small beauty case, Louis Vuitton embossed leather can be wrapped in and gently turn on the spin button, you are sure to appreciate these delicate cutlery and cup, so elegant and amazing. Yet it is the style of this Louis Vuitton Case.

Recently, Louis Vuitton opened its Shanghai flagship store located in Hang Lung Plaza officially. It is among the world's first hand-studio, that is Louis Vuitton Atelier. The hand studio also exhibits a variety of special customized products, such as the specially customized mini-series that first appeared in China, which is used for placing champagne and allowing guests to enjoy the valuable and delicious caviar during traveling, etc. At the same time, the Shanghai hand-studio will provide personalized customization called made-to-order and custom-made, text and letter stamping to show the brand's unique and special customized services.

Do you feel it is a smart idea? Besides, Louis Vuitton also releases the Mon Monogram customization service. In that case, it must be to your liking.

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