Friday, September 17, 2010

Gwen Stefani Looks Her Best with L.A.M.B Leather Bag

Gwen Stefani loves angle, music and her babies and thus I never worry if she would look bad with her L.A.M.B designer bags. This gorgeous Hollywood celeb and mom, together with Modanna and Sarah Jessica Parker, knows to dress cute when going out for shopping with their children.

Though Gwen Stefani is not as strong as Sarah Jessica Parker in choosing vivid printed bags, say, Gucci Snowman in Africa bag, she has another way to please her sons. She will greet the camera lens with quirky gesture or odd getup and gain Kingston and Zuma's lol with the awesome paparazzi's streetsnaps. This is in sharp contrast with Sarah Jessica Parker. I still remember how much I was terrified the moment I caught sight of SJP's witch-like grey coat and pants though her printed Gucci Joy Boston bag was pretty. Now I love this pic! Gwen Stefani appears so cute with casual tank top and slacks, paired with a black L.A.M.B leather tote.

Gwen Stefani can keep in splendid style even if she wears strong makeup. For instance, her lipsticked mouth is firey, yet it doesn't do harm to her chic. Her black leather tote is echoing her black slacks and sunglasses and she knows to breathe vividness to the ensemble by wearing colourful strappy sandals.

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