Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gucci's Gift to the Nations Children's Fund

With the snow and the coming of Christmas gift, this Gucci bag carries gratitude, joy and love. To celebrate this festival is to give the person you love, respect for people to express feelings of gratitude and best wishes to thank each other in this year, the efforts and hard, hope next year's harvest more happiness. Reward yourself, buy a gift for their physical and mental joy, and this is a gift years. It is not the severity of size of the gift that counts, but the appropriate gratitude, language and emotion.

The original intent of Christmas is ralated to thanksgiving. So Christmas is the best displays ofaffection, kindness Christmas holiday. When you see the Gucci launch by Christmas and New Year's charity products, you will feel the warmness. This accessory was designed by the Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini including two medium Gucci Joy handbag, a hand bag and wallet and a set of key chain ornaments.

The design of two Gucci bags is more funny than the Gucci bags we commonly come across. The body of it is decorated with decals and light fine print, inspired by a famous writer and illustrator Michael Roberts's unique work of comical drawing, so lovely. The series is put on sale in Gucci stores over 20 countries from November 16 to December 31 while 25% of sales revenue will contribute to the Nations Children's Fund, including the Chinese children who are affected by HIV.

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