Thursday, September 16, 2010

The World of Flowers—Fendi Peony Canvas Handbag

It seems that I have been in a world of wonderful flower when watching at this Fendi Peony Canvas Handbag. The painting of peony and light color setting of the bag is giving off a luxurious and fragrant feeling to us. I love the sweet pink color and the pictures of peony in light colors. As you know, peony is extremely popular in China both in the modern times and ancient times. Poets wrote forever poems to praise it. In a word, it is so popular and elegant in people’s eyes. Added the elegant element of peony, this bag appears distinguished and feminine among all designer handbags.

It is so vivid to see Fendi logo printed on the bag surface. The peony looks like real flowers in the garden. I just want to smell at it and touch it with my hand. Look at the flat creamy handles and lining where perfectly matches the whole bag. Do you notice that the four corners are reinforced by the creamy leather pads? It is so considerate for the designer to do so. I think it must be in high quality with this user-friendly design. Double flat handles with 10” drop in my eyes will be very comfortable for carrying.
I am satisfied with the zippered closure as I think this kind of closure is more convenient for me. Having an interior uncovered pocket, it offers me more capacity for small articles. Though spring has gone, this Fendi peony Canvas handbag brought me back to spring. I remember that last spring I once when a famous garden with diversity of flowers.

This bag makes me think of that sweet experience. Perhaps every woman has a story of her handbag. Handbags with special stories will absolutely be more valuable than other bags.

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