Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent's Charms Series

Yves Saint Laurent is both avant-garde and classical and is good at adjusting defects in the human body. It often combine arts, cultures and other diversity factors into the designs of the garment and draws sharp and rich inspiration from the beginning to the end. Saint Laurent's flagship products are haute couture whose targets are the world's richest people. They are made of luxury materials and crafted in a detail-minded process with the expensive prices that are unacceptable to ordinary people. Let's take a look at YSL new luxury handbags!

YSL Charms bags

YSL handbag series have always been making fans hard to put it down. Every time the new series can bcome the top fifth in the of wish list. Charms collection is elegant and once again becomes one of our favorites. The series selects batik calf to show a strong texture effect and hide subtleties under the surface of the leather. And the texture of the words with the ornaments YSL ropes graphics are embossed on the surface of leather, which satisfies the people's voyeuristic mentality, but also give the series a vaguely mysterious flavor.

The whole Charms collection as a whole cover a wide range. Shoulder bags and small cosmetic bags, handbags, as well as practical totes are readily available. There are a low-key taupe and bright pink and orange for you to choose. It is absolutely a must-buy item.

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