Monday, February 15, 2010

Always Spring: Valentino Bags Collection

Maybe you don't prefer the former series that Valentino offered, but this new collection you just can not ignore if you like spring so much. Roses and bows are the main factors of this winter that makes one wonder if the spring has not yet gone. Maybe in our hearts there is a bright spring forever. For the good wishes of our childhood, this winter will not be cold.

Valentino bag

The first series to bring you a feeling of forever spring is Valentino florals handbags called "petals". As the name suggests, it is made of Napa leather roses that occupy the entire bag and it is very eye-catching. Layer after layer of lay out reflect the perfect details. Maroon has a sense of nostalgia that makes people think that the love of last century still continues. The middle zipper is through the whole bag while the double handles can be adjustable. It can be hanged in the waist and the design is classic.

Valentino bag 2

The second series that deserves mentioning is Valentino Rose Handbag. This is a rose handbag, all-inclusive with taffeta flowers made of roses. It is a romantic and noble combination. The natural transition is just all right. The handle is made of patent leather which has a zipper pocket. The whole bag is gorgeous and refined and has one kind of decadent beauty as well.

The last series I would like to share with you is Valentino "FLEVR "series. The handbags of this series are made from beige suede rose flowers, delicate and elegant in one.

Are you itch now? You can have buy one for yourself as it is Valentino's masterpiece of this winter.

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