Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Second Generation of Prada Phone

LG joined hands with the fashion brand Prada thus introduced Prada KE850. By virtue of the appearance of luxury and the simple beauty, it has won the hearts of a lot of fashionable people of all ages, but also to leave a deep impression to many consumers. Under the background that KE850 has a good sales record, LG have quickly introduced the second generation Prada phone, that is KF900. It has also won an ideal popularity after its listing. Now, KF900 abandoned the Prada luxury with the quote price of only 2020 yuan. I should say it is of low-price temptation!

prada phone

As for its appearance, KF900 uses the combination of black with silver. The front polished black panel looks a bit crystal clear and has a sense of fashion. When you pull the fuselage, you can see QWERTY keyboard which use of silver as its buttom and the botton is also silver. Moreover, there is enough space between keys and they will not pack together. As for the screen, the aircraft use the 240 × 400 display, 3.0-inch viewing area. It should be said that this resolution and size mix are very appropriate.

As the upgraded version of KE850, KF900 is more stylish, functional and more playful whether in appearance or functionality to the users. I believe that the opportunities are the pursuit of fashion choices of many good friends.

If you are a fan of Prada. then you might also buy this brand-new stylish product.

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