Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag

Louis Vuitton is proud of its iconic monogram and absolutely obsessive with it. They tireless the launch new collection in various shape and with the same monogram patterns. I don’t know if that’s so called inheritance of classic but it is certainly a surest way to generate aesthetic fatigue. But this Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag is a exception. When I first sight at it, I was attracted by its elegancy.

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag

With size of 18.1″ x 15.7″ x 6.7″, Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag has enough space for daily use and traveling. It features silvery brass pieces and double zipper closure. The top handle is rounded and made of leather which is comfortable to use and stylish. There are one zipped lining pocket and a cell phone pocket inside the LV bag offering extra convenience for travelers especially for gentles.

Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag

Crafted with Naxos Leather, There are two colors for choosing in this handbag collection-Taupe and White. I will choose the white one without any hesitance because it’s the perfect match for the name “Naxos” which comes from the famous Greek island. Greece is a place full of mystery and imagination. Islands studs in the deep-blue Aegean Sea as pearls for ancient goddesses. We have Santorini which presents light blue and White is the color of Naxos Island. Along million years, its peace and purity never fades.

In this turbulent world, everybody is too tired and busy to recognize himself. We tend to follow the temptation of superficial sensory stimuli advocating by giant companies and elated celebrities. That’s why dazzling new bag brands are flooding in the market and disappearing as swift as their emerging. But something is totally different in the White Louis Vuitton Cabas Naxos Bag. Vanity went away and left nothing but elegancy and sedateness which touches our heart.

Carrying a white Louis Vuitton handbags and wandering on the white beach of Naxos Island, maybe we can retrieve our lost innocence and find ourselves.

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