Thursday, February 11, 2010

Women Deserve Having Chanel, Prada and...

All women want to have the unique bags in the world but due to the prblem which brand they like is based on their favors and their own personal hobbies.

Recently I learnt from a survey dealing with what kinds of bags do women like most. Here I have got a list about them.

Coach bag

The first one is Coach Baby Blue Candy Bag. Tod 's Baby Blue Candy Bag has a unique shape and it is very practical. The innovative design became popular in the summer. It has a very lovely name, that is Candy bag ~ because both sides of the bags are tied with the beautiful Leather Strap bow, which got the lovely name.

The second one is Louis Vuitton spring and summer 05 powder blue bag. The pretty powder blue color gives you the feeling of the new spring. It seemed that even yourself has a new look! The light color and no exaggeration, it creates a feeling of elegance born in well-known families with ease.

The third one is Prada 2005 new fun fun-shape brooch shopping bag. Many well-known artists and business people like Prada's simple and low-key yet practical advantage. You must have the basic models. It is suitable for you on a variety of occasions!

The fourth one is Chanel pink color horizontal Combon Handbag which is so popular among the Asian people. It is voted one of the most ten popular brands with its fresh and simple design.

Those followed are Fendi 2005 Chili - Gold canvas Evening bag, Coach pretty pink small handbag, Balenciaga Motorcycle bag and Gucci Turkey Blue fashion handbag and Gucci pink 3 D Ring Tote.

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