Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Louis Vuitton Leads You To the Spring of 2010

If winter comes can spring be far behind? In the fashion world which is always ahead, is already in the spring. Let us look at the early spring 2010 with the hottest holiday collections.

louis vuitton spring 2010 bag

Design of the luxury brands of handbags are increasingly respected pragmatism. Louis Vuitton French Monogram Bulles vacation with girls who go to Riviera with Shoulder Bag. This navy blue or beige bubble Nylon Bag is very easy to clean. Decorated by Brand iconic Monogram printed decoration, it has a total of three dimensions. It is exquisite as well as practical.

There are a lot of lovely accessories of Chanel Venice collection which people want to take as their own. A lace Stripe Toe boots is cute and eye-catching. Red and white, or blue and white stripes can become the focus of the entire body. Red is the classic color of Chanel members; string-like flowers are representative of antique-like accessories, The large and refined metals and jewelry flash in the sunlight. In the parties and nightclub, it will be very eye-catching. Most of the fashion magazines will have or have had other similar articles just as "the 25 French secrets of dressed as a woman". This season's holiday series of Louis Vuitton fashion delivers this lesson to fans, and this Marc Jacobs "French girl" image may be more playful, and uninhibited women in Paris than conventional.

The symbolic French navy stripes and holiday series meet the dual requirements. Navy blue color is typical while the style of bold designer has also added a dot pattern and decorative rope bundle. You can take the early spring of 2010 Louis Vuitton series as a very contradictory holiday season, both ice-sexy, elegant luxury, full of the vitality of the French girl.

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